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Atomium HPS 60

Price: (inc.VAT) 21.75 €
Volume: 60 ml
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Effects of application

Compound HPS partially restores worn parts of the power steering pump, optimizes gaps, allows you to keep more tight oil layer on the working surface, and clears the valve gear. It helps to normalize operation of the unit, to restore the pump pressure, which leads to a number of positive effects:

Facilitates rotation of steering wheel. Normalization of the pump operation provides the pressure increase up to 3 kilograms which significantly facilitates the wheel turning;

Decreases noise and vibration levels. Restoration of power steering pump and cleaning of relief valves decrease noise and vibration levels during the power-steering operation;

Increases the lifetime of the hydraulic power steering (HPS). Restoration of worn details, protection of the hydraulic power steering against wear at the maximum loadings and high temperatures of the environment extend the lifetime of HPS by 1,5-2 times.


Tribotechnical compound Atomium HPS

The compound is designed to restore the performance and extend the lifetime of hydraulic power steering.

60 ml

Tribotechnical compound Atomium HPS

Certified in accordance with the international quality standard
ISO 9001:2008

Standard TU 0254-003-79761558-2009
Storage temperature: from -20 ᵒС to +70 ᵒС
Shelf life: 5 years


Safety precautions and first aid:

It is not expected any health hazard when used under normal conditions.

In case of a contact with skin wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap.

In case of contact with eyes wash out eyes with large amount of water.

In case of swallowing consult a doctor.



Shelf life: 5 years. Manufacturing date is indicated on the can.

It is not recommended to apply the compound at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies.

Tribotechnical compound HPS is compatible with any type of power steering fluids, including ATF based fluids.

The sediment on the bottom of the can is the main working element of HPS  - these are microparticles of minerals. It is crucially important to stir contents of the can thoroughly before pouring it in the HPS reservoir (sediment color depending on the release batch can vary from light green to dark gray and black).

Compound HPS does not affect the characteristics and status of parts made of composite materials and rubber.


Instructions for application

Tribotechnical compound HPS is applied in accordance with the following procedure:

Stir the contents of the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.

Add tribotechnical compound HPS into hydraulic power steering reservoir at a rate of 30 ml per liter of hydraulic fluid (see the mark on the label edge).

Immediately after the procedure you can use the car as usual.

It is necessary to replace the power steering fluid after 200 km. In case the effect of HPS application is not strong enough it is recommended to add HPS compound to the new hydraulic fluid:

Stir the remaining compound thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.

Add tribotechnical compound HPS from the can into hydraulic power steering reservoir at a rate of 30 ml per 1 liter of hydraulic fluid.