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Atomium MAX 200 HPFP

Price: (inc.VAT) 60.5 €
Volume: 200 ml
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Effects of application

Compound MAX HPFP restores worn parts and optimizes gaps in plunger pairs and in conjugated friction parts of pumps. This allows to:

restore pressure. The pump provides pressure within the output operating characteristics, providing fuel spray quality;

reduce noise and vibration levels of inline and distributive high pressure fuel pumps. Restoring optimal coupling of plunger pairs reduces vibration and in turn the noise of the pump;

increase the engine power. Fuel supply regeneration leads to increased fuel combustion quality, which provides increased engine capacity.

decrease fuel consumption. Improving the quality of fuel combustion reduces its consumption by 3% -5%.

decrease exhaust CO/CH emissions up to 50 %.


Tribotechnical compound «Atomium MAX HPFP»

The compound is designed to restore the operating characteristics and extend the lifetime of high pressure fuel pumps in diesel engines of trucks and special machinery:

Inline fuel pumps

Distributive Fuel Pumps

Trunk-line fuel pumps in COMMON RAIL systems


200 мл

Tribotechnical compound «Atomium MAX HPFP»

Certified in accordance with the international quality standard
ISO 9001-2001

Standard TU 0254-003-79761558-2009
Storage temperature: from -20 ᵒС to +70 ᵒС
Shelf life: 5 years


Safety precautions and first aid:

It is not expected any health hazard when used under normal conditions.

In case of a contact with skin, wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap.

In case of contact with eyes, wash out eyes with large amount of water.

In case of swallowing, consult a doctor.



Shelf life: 5 years. Manufacturing date is indicated on the can.

It is not recommended to apply the compound at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies.

The sediment on the bottom of the can is the main working element of MAX HPFP - these are microparticles of minerals. It is crucially important to thoroughly stir the contents of the can before pouring it in the fuel tank (sediment color depending on the release batch can vary from light green to black).

Overdose of compound by 1.5-2 times is not dangerous for the engine and does not disturb its work.

The precise dosage of the compound is 1 ml of compound per 1 liter of fuel.

When application on special machinery the period between treatments must be about 50 working hours.
Compound MAX HPFP does not affect the characteristics and status of parts made of composite materials and rubber.

The compound MAX HPFP does not restore nozzles. It is recommended to perform theirs repair or replacement before using the compound if you suspect a problem with nozzles.


Tribotechnical compound MAX HPFP is applied in two stages. At each stage of treatment you must add compound MAX HPFP in the fuel tank as follows:

Shake the can with compound MAX HPFP thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.

Add the compound in the fuel tank before the next refueling.

Fill the tank with about 200 liters of diesel fuel. (See dosage in the notes to the smaller volume tanks).

Immediately after applying it is recommended to drive the car for no less than 20 - 25 min in the regular operation mode.

After the procedure, you can use the car as usual.

After 2500 - 3000 km it is necessary to conduct the second step of the treatment and repeat the whole procedure with MAX HPFP.

Thoroughly stir the contents of the can with MAX HPFP 
Add the compound in the fuel tank before the next refueling.

Fill the tank with about 200 liters of diesel fuel.

Drive the car for no less than 25 - 30 min. in the regular operation mode.