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5 October, 2018

Country: Germany

City: Heidelberg

Transport: mercedes

Year: 2014

Mileage: 75000

I have visited your stand at Frankfurt Messe in September this year. Impressed!!! use your products for engine, transmission, and really happy with the results, you prove it, and I would recommend your innovative tribotechnical compounds to anyone who ask me! thanks again!

10 September, 2018

City: Sovetsk

Transport: Ford

Year: 75

Как мне купить атомиум?

29 August, 2018

Country: United Kingdom

Hi I am thinking about buying your treatment. If I place order for 1 item active gasoline plus. Does it come 1 bottle only and therefore I have to order 2 units or is it package with 2 bottles for the whole process before and after oil change? Thanks Milan

27 August, 2018

Country: Czech

Hello , I have a Bmw E46 330D , I would apply the Atomium diesel plus . I need to contact Dealer in Czech

6 August, 2018

City: reno

Transport: V8 mercury mountaineer

Year: 1998

Mileage: 300000

Hi , I recently did the 3 cans of ATOMIUM ACTIVE Gasoline PLUS in my engine. after i noticed that my truck was running rough, so I suspected it was the spark plugs. I had them changed and WOW they were corroded so bad that the mechanic thought my truck was about to stop working! (these were platinum plus 4 bosch spark plugs) The thing is these spark plugs were not that old(about 10 months old and rated for 50,000 miles ) could the atomium active gas plus have bonded and caused the early severe corrosion in the spark plugs?

28 March, 2018

Country: South Africa

Hi,my car vw polo 6 uses too much engine oil and is not smoking or leaking and power is fine, what can be problem? Is it rings or maybe head seals? Please help before I damage the motor.

23 November, 2017

Country: USA

Hello, I have a commercial medium duty truck. Make: International, Model: 4700. It has a medium duty diesel Engine DT466E which 7.6L. Engine Year is 1999 and it has 240,000 miles on it. Which product would you reccomend to use?

12 July, 2017

City: Onitsha

How much is 90 ml of Atomium Active? And how do I get it in Nigeria?

18 June, 2017

City: Euclid Oh

Transport: Audi S4

Year: 05

Mileage: 149000

At about 135000mls i had a timing chain service my oil consumption is excessive.No black smoke,no leaks motor runs fine.Would this product help?

8 March, 2017

City: Karimnagar

Transport: Tata Indigo ECS cr4 DIESEL

Year: 2012

Mileage: 18

28 February, 2017

City: Karimnagar

Transport: Tata Indigo ECS cr4

Year: 2012

Mileage: 18

When I start My vehicle is sounding tak tak tak n after few seconds it will reduce n in low sound tak tak tak is coming, how it will go away
2 February, 2017

City: Windhoek

Transport: Toyota

Year: 1998

Mileage: 39

Hi my car is emitting a black smoke,fuel consumption is high and vibration is not normal when there a solution pls help.

11 November, 2016

City: Dakar

Hello! Do you have a long terme flushing engine products?

22 July, 2016

Country: Canada

Hello, I just want to ask if you can mail couple bottles in Alberta?

11 May, 2016

Country: sa

why does our 1994 1300 gof city emitt white smoke when smells like petrol.compression test show 12 on each cylinder.should the air correction setting be out. pls help

17 February, 2016

Country: KIM

Hi, can i apply MGSB to Honda 2014 civic Si Differential?

14 October, 2015

Country: LATVIA

Hi, my driving Mitsubshi EVO X(2008) with SST transmition, which product should I choose ATOMIUM "MGSB" or ATOMIUM "AGSB"? Also, can I use "ATOMIUM "MGSB" for ACD active diff. and last one how to order product in Latvia Thank you.

26 September, 2015

Country: UK

Hello, I have a Honda Civic with 137000 miles. Should I put atomium diesel plus at the next oil change.

15 September, 2015

Country: Uzbekistan

hi I could not find something to add with fuel, but i saw that thing in a video. How can i buy that?

6 September, 2015

Country: Lithuania

Hi Dear I would like to protect NEW BMW f800gs engine 1: it will work on motorbike engine for hi RPM ??? 2: wet clutch. engine oil is lubricating clutch how does it effect ???

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