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What is ATOMIUM ?

ATOMIUM product range provides automotive additives and lubricants aimed to protect  car motor, to restore friction knots, to prolong the lifecycle of internal combustion engines, mechanisms, gear boxes. Company "SUPROTEC EU s.r.o." was established in Prague, Czech Republic. "ATOMIUM"  has been successfully expanding the market for more than 15 years by now. We provide lubricants and motor oil additives, fuel additives, transmission oil additives, hydraulic liquid additives for cars and industrial equipment, designed for diesel, petrol and LPG engines. Atomium is applied in engine knots, gearboxes, high pressure fuel pumps, hydraulic boosters.  

How does ATOMIUM works ?

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17 July, 2015

We have strarting our YOUTUBE video channel. Very soon there will be a lot of interesting videos! Be closer with ATOMIUM CHANNEL!

1 July, 2015

Atomium has made strategic decisions to penetrate global markets by setting up European head office in Doudlebska 1699/5, Prague 4.
It is aimed to manufacture, develop and promote Atomium products throughout European markets and overseas.
Please call, or email us: (420)217 217 777,

16 June, 2015

"SUPROTEC EU s.r.o" company took part in automobile exhibition "AUTOMECHANIKA 2015 -ISTANBUL", which held from 09 - 12 of April 2015 in Turkey (Istanbul).

15 June, 2015
Dear guests! In nearest time our products will be avaliable  in next countries: Germany,  Italy, Spain and France. Watch out for the information on our website.