Atomium A-prohim™ SGA Cleaning fuel additive for Gasoline

Atomium A-prohim™ SGA Cleaning fuel additive for Gasoline

Atomium A-prohim™ SGA Cleaning fuel additive for Gasoline
ATOMIUM APROHIM SGA fuel additive gently cleans fuel equipment, lubricates it, protects it from corrosion and prevents the formation of sludge. This restores the performance of fuel pumps, injectors or injectors, protects them from wear and extends their service life. Complete restoration of the fuel injection equipment improves the injection, reduces fuel consumption, and improves dynamics. Analog of the discontinued Castrol TBE.
Volume:50 ml
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ATOMIUM APROHIM SGA additive (stands as Atomium Gasoline Additive) is a means of continuous use and must be added to the fuel at each refuelling. Constant application of the additive normalizes the operation of fuel equipment, improves fuel injection, which leads to the following:

Reduced fuel consumption:
Cleaning pumps and injectors from dirt improves the fit of parts, normalizes the fuel flow. This leads to normalization of injection, formation of correct and timely fuel atomization. At the same time, the fuel burns more completely, which reduces its consumption.

Increase the power and dynamics of the car:
Cleaning the fuel equipment ensures correct and timely fuel injection, which improves the engine's response to pressing the accelerator, allows you to get more power per unit of fuel.

The alignment of the engine operation:
Uniform and timely injection of fuel allows to prevent detonation, the delay of fuel ignition, or omissions of a cycle of ignition. This leads to a more smooth, "soft" engine operation, reduces vibration and noise.

Extending the life of fuel equipment:
Maintaining pumps, injectors and injectors in a clean condition, constant lubrication of moving parts, and protection of surfaces from corrosion ensures a long service life of precision fuel equipment. With constant use over several thousand kilometers of mileage, the additive can gradually dissolve and remove even old dirt, restore the operation of units, postpone their repair or replacement.

Extending the life of turbochargers, catalytic converters, and other additional equipment:
The use of a cleaning additive ultimately leads to better injection and more complete fuel combustion. This significantly reduces the amount of unburned fuel particles in the exhaust gases, which reduces the load on the turbine blades, the active components of the catalysts.

Reducing the smoke content of exhaust gases and their harmful impurities:
More complete combustion of fuel reduces the content of its particles in the exhaust gases. In addition, the interaction of fuel and engine oil is reduced, the level of oil destruction and its entry into the exhaust gases is reduced.

SGA additive is recommended to be used primarily for restoring the performance of fuel injectors and injectors.

Symptoms of their malfunction due to contamination may include the following signs:

Increase fuel consumption by 1 litre or more;
Drop in car acceleration dynamics;
"Hard" engine operation;
Increase fuel consumption;
The specific smell of unburned fuel from the muffler;
Engine roughness at idle;
Black smoke at a sharp speed set;
Difficult cold engine start.
Some fuel additives that can be found on store shelves, in addition to detergents and lubricants, contain substances that change the combustion modes of fuel, the so-called «burning» promoters. This increases the completeness of fuel combustion and can be clearly seen as an immediate effect of the additive application. However, at the same time, this changes the temperature mode of the engine, increases the thermal load on the pistons and valves. If the additive is constantly used, this can lead to a shorter engine life.

The SGA fuel additive does not contain components that artificially improve fuel combustion. It only washes and lubricates the fuel equipment, helps to restore damaged surfaces of plungers, pumps, valves, and other elements. This leads to the fact that the injectors and pumps are working as intended design of the engine and ensure its optimum performance.

Many fuel additives use a formula developed and well-established in Europe. However, the operating conditions of the car there are markedly different from the average Russian. Other differences in seasonal temperatures, different levels of dust and fuel quality, other driving modes. The SGA additive was developed taking into account Russian conditions, which provides it with the best performance among competitors with European origin.

The designs of gasoline engines, including fuel systems, differ markedly from each other. You can still find cars with carburetor engines on the roads, injection systems are common, and the direct injection system is becoming more and more popular. Some companies offer several highly specialized tools: separate cleaners and flushes for different units, sometimes several tools for the same node with different efficiency.

Company "SUPROTEC" went the other way. Thanks to a long and careful period of development, the use of modern chemical ingredients, it was possible to create a soft, gentle, but universal recipe. In the case of different fuel systems, different modes of operation of the car, it may take a different amount of time to achieve the maximum effect. However, provided that the additive must be added at each refuelling, this is not critical.
On the other hand, the buyer does not have to worry about whether the additive is suitable for his particular car, with specific design features and individual history.



1 50 ml bottle is designed for 40-60 litres of fuel (approximately 1 ml per 1 litre of fuel). Before refuelling the car, fill the additive in the fuel tank.

To do this:
• shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly;
• open the bottle and pour the additive into the fuel tank (use the fuel funnel if necessary);
• fill the car with fuel.
When the car has run more than 50,000 kilometres during the first two refuelling it is recommended to fill 2 bottles of 50 ml per 40-60 litres of fuel (or at the rate of 2 ml per 1 litre of fuel).

Shelf life is 2 years.

The formula of the additive "SGA (SGA)" is a proprietary development of the company SUPROTEC. All additive components are manufactured in Germany and delivered to the Russian Federation under a direct agreement with the manufacturer.

The additive has passed an annual cycle of bench tests and testing on cars of different classes in several regions of Russia using fuel from various filling networks.

The composition of " SGA "is carefully balanced to ensure the safety of its use. Cleaning of fuel equipment is carried out gradually and "gently" due to the use of surfactants, rather than active solvents. The mechanism of action of surfactants guarantees the safety of additives for fuel filters, fuel equipment elements made of plastic and composite materials, and iron-containing materials.

The additive in gasoline ATOMIUM A-PROHIM " SGA " (SGA) does not contain octane correctors, does not change the temperature or speed of fuel combustion.

Additive ATOMIUM A-PROHIM "SGA" (SGA) can be used with all types of injection systems. Special attention was paid to the effectiveness and safety of the additive in direct fuel injection systems (TFSI, TSI, GDI and other brands), which operate under high pressure in the fuel ramp, and, therefore, have an increased level of requirements for the accuracy of the injectors. Even minor contamination of the nozzle leads to a significant imbalance in the operation of electrohydraulic injectors and injectors using piezoelectric valves, which disrupts the fuel injection mode and ultimately leads to a rapid failure of the injectors (the winding of an electromagnet or piezo crystal). In external mixing systems (injection and carburetor), the additive remains effective since the action of cleaning components does not depend on the pressure in the fuel system and the device of aggregates.


SGA additive is recommended to be used primarily for restoring the performance of fuel injectors and injectors. Symptoms of their malfunction due to contamination may include the following signs:
• Increase fuel consumption by 1 litre or more;
• Drop in car acceleration dynamics;
• "Hard" engine operation;
• Increase fuel consumption;
• The characteristic smell of unburned fuel from the muffler;
• Engine roughness at idle;
• Black smoke at a sharp speed set;
• Difficult cold engine start;
All this indicates a violation of the correct and timely supply of fuel to the combustion chambers of one or more cylinders. Constant use of " SGA " for several gas stations in a row with a high degree of probability will get rid of these problems.



One of the most common symptoms of problems in the engine is its difficult start. Drivers often complain that the car does not start well on cold weather. There may be several reasons for a difficult engine start. Insufficient compression, poor fuel, faulty candles, and so on. Only a full-fledged diagnostic at the service station can determine exactly why the VAZ or any other car starts badly.

One of the reasons for the difficult start-up may be a problem in the fuel system. In order for the engine to start smoothly and without problems, a cloud of fuel and air must be formed. When the fuel is sprayed into the chamber instead of being poured, then proper ignition occurs. If there is a jet, the excess can get through the rings into the oil sump and the engine will not start, or it will be uneven. If the engine starts badly and the problem is incorrect mixing, then the multifunctional cleaning additive in gasoline "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM-SGA (SGA)" will definitely help. The components of the composition clean the injectors, restoring their proper operation: normal atomization of the fuel mixture. Accordingly, when starting "cold", the correct fuel mixture enters the chamber. SGA additive is aimed at restoring correct mixing and smooth operation of the engine at the time of start-up, among other things.

Engine vibration, especially noticeable at idle speed, can be the result of a violation of the fuel supply to different cylinders. Incomplete or untimely combustion of fuel leads to a decrease in pressure on the piston and the engine loses power at one or more cycles of operation. This is usually due to contamination and wear of fuel injectors elements.

In this case, the problem can be solved by using multifunctional cleaning additives in gasoline "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM (SGA)". If you use it for each refuelling, it will gradually remove dirt in the nozzles, ensure proper needle mobility, and remove deposits in the nozzle holes.

Car owners often complain about uneven engine performance. Uneven operation of the engine is associated with a gap in the ignition, gaps in the ignition of the mixture. This can also happen because of injectors, or because of incorrectly working ignition coils, or because of candles. If the nozzle is clogged, it gives out an insufficient amount of the mixture, which means that ignition is skipped in the cylinder.

The causes of vibration or uneven engine operation may lie in problems unrelated to the fuel system – the occurrence of rings in some cylinders, uneven compression reduction due to wear and so on. The use of a fuel additive will eliminate the fuel system from the causes of engine vibration and encourage the diagnosis of other components.

One of the reasons for the loss of engine power, reduced dynamics, and increased fuel consumption may be the condition of the fuel system. Any violations in the fuel supply – insufficient or increased pressure in the ramp, incorrect spray, loss of hydraulic density in the injectors-will lead to a drop in the efficiency of the entire engine. Continuous use of a multifunctional cleaning additive in gasoline "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM -SGA (SGA)" can correct a significant number of potential problems in the fuel system. First, it will clean the mobile elements of the fuel equipment, which will improve their fit, get rid of "wedging". Secondly, the additive will restore the surfaces in the nozzle valves, ensure their constant lubrication and protection from corrosion.

All this can normalize the operation of the fuel system, restore high-quality injection and spraying, and as a result-the completeness of fuel combustion.

If the use of "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM -SGA (SGA)" did not lead to positive changes during a significant run, you need to check the engine for other possible causes of power loss – a decrease in compression, as a result of General engine wear, turbocharger problems, violations in the engine oil system.

The additive "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM -SGA (SGA)" is designed for soft and gentle cleaning of fuel equipment. Its price will not become a financial burden for you. Cleaning of the injector and injectors occurs due to the presence of special components in the composition, as well as a mineral that is a natural and gentle abrasive. This cleans the mineral deposits (varnish, sludge), which are gradually deposited inside the nozzle at shut-off needle. Dirt makes it difficult to operate the nozzle, reduces the needle stroke. In this case, the solenoid valve is loaded, and the nozzle fails as a result. The mineral in the additive cleans the needle, restores its course, and the chemical component of the SGA cleans the nozzle from the inside. The SGA composition gently and carefully cleans the atomizer, injectors, and combustion chambers. It contains lubricating additives that provide protection against wear of low-and high-pressure pumps and the mechanical part of injectors, significantly increasing their service life. It also provides cleaning and lubrication of all parts of the injector, restores fuel injection characteristics, and prevents failure of electrical and piezoelectric solenoids.
Drivers of old cars are much more likely to face the problem of starting the engine than owners of modern cars. In older cars, the fuel supply system is usually based on a carburetor. Until the end of the XX century, this mechanism was installed on most cars. The additive "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM -SGA (SGA)" copes well with cleaning of modern fuel injection systems, including TSI, TFSI, GDI, MPI, and the carburetor. Cleaning the carburetor (including VAZ 2107) with a CGA additive occurs on the same principle as in the injector. In old carburettors, the locking needle or jet may become clogged. They must be cleaned in the same way as the injectors in the direct injection injector. The liquid will perfectly clean the jet in the carburetor.

The main task of the additive " ATOMIUM A-PROHIM - SGA (SGA)" clean-up spray gun, nozzles and combustion chambers. The additive also provides lubrication of all parts of the nozzle, restores the characteristics of fuel injection, and prevents failure of electrical and piezoelectric solenoids. Cleaning the entire fuel system of the car is not included in the functions of the composition. It is necessary to use fuel system cleaner " ATOMIUM A-PROHIM ". However, SGA additives can also be especially useful for the entire fuel system. Thanks to the mineral included in the composition, the fuel system pump of the car is cleaned.

In some cases, the use of the SGA additive can help to normalize the already disturbed operation of the fuel system. However, you need to remember-the additive composition is balanced in such a way as to have a soft, gradual effect that does not violate the normal processes of fuel supply and combustion. That is why when using it, you should not expect immediate effects of restoring the characteristics of aggregates. It is much better to use the additive as a preventive tool that does not allow problems to occur.

If the process of contamination and wear of fuel equipment elements has not yet led to irreversible mechanical failures, the SGA additive can restore normal operation of the system. With constant use for 3-7 thousand kilometres of mileage (depending on the degree of contamination), the additive will clean the valves, restore the surface of the fit, and ensure the operation of mechanisms in nominal parameters. With the constant use of the SGA additive, the performance characteristics of the injectors are restored. The additive cleans the details of the spray mechanism. After applying the SGA, there is a recovery of the nozzle, sprayer and stop needle. The action of the lubricant components of the additive is aimed at further protecting the system from coking and deposits sticking to the parts.

"Soft cleaning" in the name of the composition is not just a beautiful phrase. The components of the SGA additive are selected so that cleaning takes place within a certain time. There is no aggressive chemistry in the composition, which exfoliates the skin in a few minutes. Thanks to its soft properties, "ATOMIUM A-PROHIM -SGA (SGA)" protects the fuel system from getting into it undissolved carbon, which prevents breakdowns. Soft cleaning occurs gradually, with the incoming flow of fuel. The dirt is cleaned in small portions, dissolving, and burning along with the fuel, without clogging small channels. On average, the effect of soft flushing of the fuel system appears after 1500-2000 kilometres (depending on the degree of contamination).

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