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17 April, 2019

Atomium in Czech Republic at Polygon MAX CARS Plus 13/04/2019

Suprotec - Atomium Tribotechnology present at the Extreme Tuning Show Polygon MAX CARS Plus 13/04/2019 in Czech Republic.

We again show out car, which is able to work without oil. Car is treated by Atomium products, and we showing this car, just to prove again and again the efficiency of our Tribotechnical compounds Atomium.

A lot of people with the big interest came to our car and asking the questions: How it is possible? And they are don’t believe their eyes!!! Yes it is possible if your car is treated by Atomium Tribotechnical compounds!!!

Atomium Tribotechnical compounds restores compression; provides fuel economy; reduces oil burning; reduces noise and vibration levels; reduces CO/CH emissions; restores works of the hydro-compensators; increase the life time of the engine; provides engine protection in case of overloading or overheating and during “cold start-up”.