Atomium at RALLYCROSS MMČR Slovakia Ring 30-31/03/2019

Atomium at RALLYCROSS MMČR Slovakia Ring 30-31/03/2019
2019-04-02 11:50:48

Atomium Tribotechnology is presented at Rally Cross MMCR Slovakia Ring - Slovakia.

Here we are together with young and perspective pilot – Libor Tejes

His car is treated by Atomium products. Atomium Tribotechnology support this racing car at the extreme working conditions, and the pilot – Libor Tejes is not only 100% sure about his own professionalism, but he is 100% sure as well about his car, and know well, that car is not only secured by our products, but provides additional power, which is important in this racing case.

At the end of the 2 days of the different qualifications – our partner BIBARACING TEAM and LIBOR TEJES with his VW Lupo 1,4 L engine competing with the engines 1,6 L - >>>>> WON 3rd PLACE!!!!

We are proud about the results and team work ATOMIUM + BIBARACING TEAM!!!

Atomium Tribotechnical compounds restores compression; provides fuel economy; reduces oil burning; reduces noise and vibration levels; reduces CO/CH emissions; restores works of the hydro-compensators; increase the life time of the engine; provides engine protection in case of overloading or overheating and during “cold start-up”.