Owner: Vladimir
Transport: VW POLO
Year: 2013
Mileage: 100 000

In 2013, I bought a VW Polo sedan, and did not drive 10 thousand km (six months), when heard a knock in the engine. At 10 thousand km the dealer recognized the fault and recapitalized the engine, replacing the cylinder-piston group (CPG) with pistons larger size. I finished 1 more year, after 10-15 thousand kilometers, and the engine rattled again. At 25 thousand km the dealer recognized again malfunction and re-capitalized, again replacing (CPG) the old pistons on new pistons that are also larger. Read about products atomium (from googling the problems), fearing for the manifestation of engine failure and new knocks again, for 29 thousand km. I used a composition atomium active for new petrol engines. and after processing, I forgot about everything. the knock is no longer appeared, nothing else in the engine did not irritate, there were no complaints. Since the car was practically new, I didn't notice any other changes, except when I was idling engine consumption of gasoline decreased by 0.1 liters. respectively (that is when earlier in the Parking lot, the flow rate was 0.8 liters per hour - it fell to 0.7 liters. per hour and respectively from 0.6 l to 0.5 l and even reached 0.4 and 0.3 L., which was very pleasantly surprised). And I was happy with the result. I mean everything was completely forgotten. I forgot about the company atomium, believing that the dealer in this time worthily completed the overhaul and I calmly drove 60-70 thousand km. (4 years), no more additives in the engine did not fill, oil was replaced at the dealer (exactly the one that pours from the factory). After driving 60-70 thousand. km. (total mileage is now 100 thousand), I heard tapping again on cold and then I remembered again about this additives, which effect extended the resources of my engine in 4-6 times (in first time without atomium engine lasted for 10-15 thousand km, when used atomium active it lasted for 60-70 thousand km) - engine oil changed every 5-8 thousand km on the original oil prescribed from the factory. Probably, together with each oil change, it was necessary to use regularly the engine additive Active Regular (not for nothing it is called Rugular) - but people are made the way that all good things are quickly forgotten in contrast to something bad so I did not remember to use it. Conclusions: it helped Me to save my engine and I forgot both about the savior (atomium) and about problem (engine knocking) for 4 years.