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What is ATOMIUM?
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What is ATOMIUM ?

ATOMIUM product range provides automotive additives and lubricants aimed to protect  car motor, to restore friction knots, to prolong the lifecycle of internal combustion engines, mechanisms, gear boxes. Company "SUPROTEC EU s.r.o." was established in Prague, Czech Republic. "ATOMIUM"  has been successfully expanding the market for more than 15 years by now. We provide lubricants and motor oil additives, fuel additives, transmission oil additives, hydraulic liquid additives for cars and industrial equipment, designed for diesel, petrol and LPG engines. Atomium is applied in engine knots, gearboxes, high pressure fuel pumps, hydraulic boosters.  

How does ATOMIUM works ?

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Jun 22, 2016

The unique technology of "Atomium" extending the life of vehicles and other equipment are successfully exported. Head European office located in Prague. Here recently there was another exhibition, on which was presented triboactives and innovation of the products.

Motorists in the New world, particularly in the US, could see action triboactive at the fair in Northern California. As in Europe, to demonstrate the unique properties of the Atomium on the podium was installed a car that worked without oil. Paul - representative of the company Grееntecauto that sells Atomium in the state, says: "the Atomium – this is no ordinary chemistry, and the composition of minerals. That's why we are so different from the other additives. Triboactive it is important to use to prevent engine damage, not to apply them, when there was already serious failure".

And in new Jersey, Melville, cars, complexly processed Atomium, took part in the race, Lemon 24. These prototypes enthusiasts and race car drivers themselves have collected. Dealers technology "ATOMIUM" has provided compositions for treatment. The machine stayed in motion without stopping for a total of 48 hours, which according to riders and representatives of the Atomium, is a good advertisement for tribotechnology. 

May 5, 2016

Atomium  will be presented at the exhibition TUNING WORLD BODENSEE in Friedrichshafen from 5 - 8 of May. 
Seldom has a single event had such a positive effect on an industry as TUNING WORLD BODENSEE
At no other tuning event can tuning enthusiasts and car afi cionados mingle at this level. From its beginnings as an insider secret in 2003, TUNING WORLD BODENSEE has become the absolute highlight of the tuning scene – for industry reps, tuning fans and visitors alike. Today, TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is Europe’s biggest trade fair dedicated solely to tuning.
Unique presentations and event modules have become yardsticks for other exhibitions to follow, and the newly introduced European Tuning Showdown (ETS) has also proved a massive audience draw.


Apr 25, 2016

Tribotechnology "Atomium" was presented at the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW "AUTO 2016"  in Riga

In the capital of Latvia was the largest International motor show "Auto 2016" in the Baltic. Tribotechnology and innovative products of Atomium were presented there. For three days the exhibition was visited by over 40,000 people.

In Riga the exhibition were presented  cars of the leading world brands. Their products showed major manufacturers of auto accessories, maintenance tools, service equipment. Individual thematic sections dedicated transport engineering, freight and commercial transport as well as car tuning.

Products "Atomium" were presented by the company "Suprotec EU" together with the official representative in Latvia SIA RKF "L. E. O". As told by the commercial Director of the European representation of "SUPROTEC" Daniil Taukin, Russian tribotechnologies on the stand in Riga was interested not only Latvians. "There were representatives of Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden. People came, asked questions, bought products. In the Baltics many people knows the company "SUPROTEC", is gaining popularity and the brand is "Atomium"," says Taukin.

"When people find out that the "Suprotec" and "Atomium" are inline "the same" it is very pleased with them, many questions immediately removed.  The effectiveness of our triboactive we are showing here at the show – the car, the engine running without oil. It really is shocking. This is the most vivid demonstration of the result of tribotechnical compounds".

Quarterly growth in sales volumes of the compositions of the "Atomium" in the Baltic States is 20 to 30%. "These are serious numbers, although they are smaller than in Western Europe or North America," says Daniel Taukin. As told the Director General of the official representative of "Atomium" in Latvia company SIA RKF "L. E. O", Grigoriy Diener, Latvian special interest car owners show to tribalistas for engines with mileage of more than 50,000 kilometers, because there are many 5-7 year old European cars.

Apr 14, 2016

The company SUPROTEC EU together with the official representative SIA RKF "L. E. O., will present a Range of unique triboactive the Atomium, on the exhibition in Latvia. International Motor Show "AUTO 2016" will take place from 15–17 April, in Kīpsala, Riga.
The exhibition will bring together under one roof four thematic sections:
- "Auto", the new car exhibition-fair;
- "Transport Engineering", a section dedicated to trucks and commercial vehicles;
- "Auto Mechanics", an exposition of automotive supplies, maintenance tools, service equipment;
- "Auto Exotica", car tuning show;
Representation of the company SUPROTEC were opened last year in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic – Prague. For the global market was chosen brand "Atomium" - as a symbol of innovative industrial development. Thrifty European motorists with the interest to the products of the "Atomium". Now they are available for the residents of the Baltic States. The c booth products "Atomium" will be open for visitors during all the exhibition days AUTO 2016