Take MAXimum protection and restore your big engine!


Truck at MAXimum Atomium (Suprotec EU) announced record discounts of 50% on tribotechnical additives of the MAX series for commercial vehicles and special equipment.

If you are the owner or driver of a truck, bus or, for example, a bulldozer, you understand perfectly well that the serviceability, efficiency and reliability of transport is an economic category. If your (small or large) truck is on the way, then everything is fine, the work is going on. If it stands on a joke because of a breakdown, losses every day.

So that you do not lose profit, Atomium (Suprotec EU) produces a special line of tribotechnical additives to restore and increase the life of the main components and assemblies of commercial and special vehicles – engines, gearboxes, axles, gearboxes, hydraulics, fuel system.

And now another great news – until February 29, 2024 – prices for all products of the MAX series have been reduced by 50%.

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