Atomium Aprohim SDA - fuel additive for diesel, customer review Spain

Atomium Aprohim SDA - fuel additive for diesel, customer review Spain
2024-01-10 10:00:30

Atomium Aprohim SDA - fuel additive for diesel,  customer review Spain

ATOMIUM APROHIM™ "SDA" mild fuel additive is designed to restore and maintain the performance of diesel fuel systems, including common rail and pump-injector systems. The additive cleans (washes), lubricates, protects nozzles and fuel pumps from corrosion, maintaining their serviceability. Brings the cetane number of fuel to optimal values.

EFFECTS OF APPLICATION: Diesel fuel systems are particularly sensitive to fuel quality and the condition of the fuel equipment.

Contamination and wear due to "dry" fuel reduces the pressure in the fuel rail, interfere with injection, which leads to a drop in power and uneven engine operation.

SDA fuel additive contains detergent and lubricant components, a corrosion inhibitor and a cetane additive. It cleans the fuel equipment, reduces its wear, and provides the necessary pressure.

Together, this provides high-quality fuel atomization and more complete combustion, which leads to the following effects:

- reduction of fuel consumption by 5%-15% depending on the condition of the car.

- easier starting of the engine. - extending the service life of fuel equipment, in particular injectors.

- reducing the load on the turbine, particulate filters, which extends their life.

- reducing of contaminants in engine oil, which maintains its performance properties and ultimately reduces engine wear.