Atomium around the world – AFRICA!!!

Atomium around the world – AFRICA!!!
2020-10-21 17:08:28

Suprotec – Atomium innovative tribo-technology step by step penetrates different continents and countries. 

Suprotec – Atomium innovative tribo-technology step by step penetrates different continents and countries.

Probably a best example of the strong partnership & cooperation is in AFRICA with our exclusive distributor in Kenya – Turbocharger Services Africa Limited. This company is covering following countries:

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi, South Sudan.

We started our cooperation in 2018 just after the big Automotive Exhibition in Germany – Frankfurt Messe 2018. Nowadays our partner in Africa is selling our innovative tribo-technology in 8 African countries. Sales managers of Turbocharger Services Africa Limited are equipped with strong product knowledge - how it works, what the difference with traditional oil additives and why you have to use it. It undoubtedly helps them to meet a variety of customers and answer their needs. People are leaving office in Kenya with numbers of Atomium products to maintain their car performance, restore and protect engines, gearboxes, differentials, transfer cases, power steering unit or diesel high pressure fuel pump.

As soon as in Africa there are a lot of cars with the big mileage - people really have to take care about their cars. And it includes not only to fill up fuel tanks with petrol or diesel just to have possibility to drive. Well served cars require something more. Driver should better see and hear how engine works, note any changes in performance of different units, and of course take some preliminary actions to avoid costly repair in near future.

Atomium tribo-technology is a good support for those car owners as Suprotec – Atomium products are specifically aimed to restore and prolong the life cycle of car units. The technology behind Atomium products is based on special ability of the natural minerals to activate metallic bonds in part surfaces. It happens in terms of high pressure and temperature which a usual in areas of friction. Due to this activation the friction surface can catch and attach metallic parts from the lubricant and gradually build up a new metal layer. This layer restores original surface shape and retain dense and permanent oil film.

By this Atomium technology solves the main problem caused by wear (or abrasion) of the different mechanisms and units of the car. Optimisation of friction clearances and better lubricating restores operation parameters of a unit. In engines it reduces fuel consumption, reduces oil burnings, increases power and acceleration of the engine, reduces CO/CH emission. In transmission eliminates jerks or hard shifting, significantly reduces noise and vibrations and therefore saves transmitted energy.

The treatment also slows down the speed of wear and prolongs lifetime of car units by 2-3 times. All this at the end saves family budget of car owner as there are no more need to spend them to a unit rebuild.



Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi, South Sudan

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