Additives for AGSB, MGSB, Reducer

The transmission, along with the engine, is one of the most complex devices in the car. And as you know, the more complex the unit, the more careful you need to treat its maintenance. At the same time, it does not matter whether you have a mechanical gearbox, automatic, variator or robot, in any case, if the gearbox fails, then you will have to pay a very substantial amount for repair or replacement. In these mechanisms, each component, the smallest gear, performs a strictly defined function. If any element fails, the entire transmission is disrupted.

Effects of application
- Reduce noise, hum and vibration. Optimization of the gaps and restoring the bearings to reduce extraneous noise. The box is quieter;
- Extension of service life. The gearbox additive helps to retain a dense layer of transmission oil on the surfaces of parts, which reduces friction losses.

  • Atomium Reducer 80
    Compound Reducer is designed for protection against wear, increasing the lifetime and restoration of characteristics of transfer cases, differentials and other reducers in passenger vehicles and light trucks.
    Volume80 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)18.4 €
  • Atomium MGSB 100
    The compound is designed to protect against wear, extend the lifetime and restore characteristics of mechanical gear boxes of passenger vehicles, including robotic gear boxes of any constructions.
    Volume100 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)23 €
  • Atomium AGSB 80
    Compound « Atomium AGSB» is designed to protect against wear, extend the life and restore characteristics of automatic gear boxes and variators of any type with any type of transmission oil.
    Volume80 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)29.25 €
  • Atomium MAX 200 MGSB
    The compound is designed to protect against wear, increase the lifetime and recovery characteristics of mechanical gear boxes and reducers of trucks and special machinery during normal operation
    Volume200 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)62 €

During the operation of the car, the properties of all units, components and parts of the car change. This process is unavoidable, and it is associated with the wear of friction parts, increasing gaps, the impact of such negative factors as temperature, humidity, carbon formation, vibration, cyclic loads, aging of lubricating oil and technical fluids.

These processes can occur simultaneously, in parallel, sequentially, and with different intensity. A significant proportion of the intensity of loss of properties or aging is laid down at the stage of creating a car. This is the level of design excellence, the level of production technology, the quality of materials and the level of Assembly quality. A high level of these parameters ensures high reliability of the car, but, as a rule, such a car is much more expensive.
But there is an equally significant proportion of the intensity of property loss during the operation stage. These factors include the frequency and quality of maintenance, the quality of lubricants and fuel, vehicle operating modes, the amplitude of temperature and humidity differences, and the use of resource-saving technologies.

Accordingly, for uninterrupted and long-term operation of the unit, all its parts must always be in excellent condition. The additive in the gearbox will allow you to maintain a stable, reliable operation of the box for a long time.

Additive in a gearbox – anti-friction.

In any car, power unit, the most important problem is friction.

The properties of the surface layers of the car's friction units are determined by the quality of the part's source material, geometry, and processes occurring in the contact zone.

The quality of the source material determines the surface properties when processing the part and during the friction process. These are the ductility of the material, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness, decohesion properties and fatigue strength.
The geometry error is determined by macro-deviations, undulations, and roughness. Moreover, if macro-bends and undulations are formed due to inaccuracies of the tool, beats, etc., then the roughness depends mainly on the depth of surface treatment and the quality of the source material. Under normal friction conditions, the macro-deflections do not change, the undulation changes partially, and the roughness changes during the run-in process.

This not only reduces the arithmetic mean deviation of the profile RA and the maximum average deviation Rz, but also plastic deformation of protrusions, wedging of depressions and the formation of tribo-process products. For example, the profile settings mirror cylinder of the internal combustion engine after treatment technology "Atomium" show that is reduced peak height Rpk and the roughness depth Rk is increased. This provides a high bearing capacity of the friction surface and increases the oil holding capacity. At the same time, hones up to 4 microns deep and up to 0.25 mm wide are preserved.
Automatic transmission additive also works effectively. The components of the tribocompound (additive) favourably affect the weak points of automatic or mechanical transmission, protecting and restoring damaged areas of surfaces. The additive increases the resistance of the transmission oil to negative effects during operation. The product does not interact with the oil, but it improves the kinematics of all moving parts of the box and reduces the friction force. This reduces the heating of the liquid and reduces the formation of wear products.

Effects of application

Depending on your gearbox type, you can use a compound for a manual or automatic transmission. If you have a robotic transmission, then you will fit the additive "MGSB", if the variator, then "AGSB". Using the additive will allow you to:
- Facilitate gear changes in manual transmission and automatic transmission. Thanks to the optimization of clearances, it makes it easier and more accurate to switch gears in the manual box, and in the automatic machine, this ensures the working oil pressure, which reduces the likelihood of bumps and jerks when changing gears;
- Reduce noise, hum and vibration. Optimization of the gaps and restoring the bearings to reduce extraneous noise. The box is quieter;
- Extension of service life. The gearbox additive helps to retain a dense layer of transmission oil on the surfaces of parts, which reduces friction losses.

In variators, the "automatic transmission" additive allows:
- Restore chain tension. The composition restores the geometry of conical disks and keeps a denser layer of oil on the surface.
- Extend the service life of the unit - the surface of the conical disks treated with the compound is significantly less frayed during use, which extends the life of the unit.
- Easier and faster running-in of aggregates - when using the composition in new gearboxes, the process of running-in of aggregates is significantly facilitated and accelerated, and the risk of "bullying" is reduced.