"ATOMIUM" comments and customer reviews

I liked the effect of automatic gearbox additive. After about 200-300 kilometers of mileage after refilling it, jerks when switching at low and medium engine speeds stopped, and after about the same time, jerks stopped at high speeds when switching.I drove about 1500-2000 kilometers with atomium, then changed the oil in the automatic transmission. It works normally, without jerks and slips.

Owner: Maximilian
City: Munich
Transport: chevrolet lacetti
Year: 2010
Mileage: 190000

The result exceeded all my expectations. I knew that the engine would be quieter and softer, but not that much!! Now I feel the comfort of some sort. It starts almost with a turn of the key.

Owner: Pavel
City: Sarajevo
Transport: Hyndai Solaris
Mileage: 115 000

Hello ! Improvement in engine performance felt after 1000 km, the additive really works ! Thanks !

Owner: Stéphane

I have a diesel car, old car. I've started to use Atomium first time in 2016, tried with Active Plus Diesel, and still I driving same car, and have reduction of fuel, noise and vibration, no any oil burn (was up to 1l/1000 km), engine is like a new one! thank you so much guys!

Owner: Luc
City: Abuja
Transport: Volvo
Year: 2006
Mileage: 232000

I drive 3 thousand km after additive, I can say that it did not get worse, even I think the engine began to work better faster quieter and smoother.The oil consumption has reached a minimum, although this is a Honda at high speeds, it always eats a lot of oil.

Owner: Ashot
Transport: Honda civic
Year: 2012
Mileage: 110 000

from all that is said about this car medicine, noticed that the consumption has decreased. Went a long distance to another region (almost 3000 km) the average consumption per 100 km fell by 1,2 litres

Owner: Amanda Bukic
City: Ljubljana
Transport: Shkoda Octavia
Year: 2007
Mileage: 160 000

Filled up for 2 000 km before changing the oil. The effect was noticed somewhere after 1000 km, the consumption actually fell 3%-5%. The engine began to work better, it felt quieter. I changed the oil, added another bottle, and naturally became even quieter, as always happens when changing the oil. I didn't notice much difference in dynamics. BUT the most important effect that REALLY strikes is that before when I stopped the gas pedal into the car, the engine slowed down SOOO much, as dieselists know engine breacking is powerful, after the additive, the run - out doubled, it wasn't breacking so hard, at least due to this and additional savings. As far as my knowledge of physics allows, this happens by reducing friction, but maybe I'm wrong. The EFFECT is there, I recommend it to everyone.

Owner: James
City: Aberdeen
Transport: VW Tiguan TDI AT6, 4 Motion
Year: 2013
Mileage: 80000

Positive attitude to your company's products, the second time I filled the additive into the engine and in fuel system and so far everything is good. Mostly filled your products to extend the life of the engine

Owner: Daniel

Good additives. All products match the declared characteristics for engine, variator, HPS. Tryed on my car and it worked

Owner: Ivan
City: Слънчев Бряг
Transport: Nissan Bluebird Sylphy
Year: 2004
Mileage: 262 000

 Used atomium for all transmission. After 2000 km,  reductor of the rear axle stopped humming. The gearbox seems to be fine as well

Owner: Fabian
City: Salzburg
Transport: Suzuki Vitara
Year: 1998
Mileage: 355000

Γεια σας οποιος ενδιαφερετε εγο φερνο το προιον στιν κυπρο. Εγω εκανα δοκιμη και ειμαι πολη ευχαριστημένος.και εχο φερη στοκ

Owner: Theodoros
City: Nicosia
Transport: Honda civic
Year: 2000
Mileage: 182.000

I have proceed with 3 stage treatment with Atomium Gasoline Plus already, and want to thank you! Because I have less fuel consumption now, I have seems like more power, less noise and vibration, and car is really works like a new one! Thanks again!

Owner: Dmitry
City: Praga
Transport: Toyota Corolla
Year: 2009
Mileage: 220.000

I have visited your stand at Frankfurt Messe in September this year. Impressed!!! use your products for engine, transmission, and really happy with the results, you prove it, and I would recommend your innovative tribotechnical compounds to anyone who ask me! 

Thank you Dmitry, for the feedback, this is very important for us!

Owner: Dmitry
City: Heidelberg
Transport: mercedes
Year: 2014
Mileage: 75000

Brand and model of the car: VW Tiguan
Mileage: 92000
Year of release: 2007

I have a diesel car. I am the second owner. After using Atomium Active DIESEL Plus the noise decreased, the engine began to work much more softly and more steadily: vibration is less and start of the engine became much better! I am really very happy with operations of the car after processing!

Owner: Alex Niavro

Brand and model of the car: Hyundai Sonata EF Run of the car: 170000 Year of release: 2001 After application of Atomium in the engine and in AGSB the car considerably changed to the best.

Owner: Mark Levi

Used almost all the line of products, result is amazing.

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Owner: Dmitry

Hi an alle !!! ich merkte bereits nach 10 Kilometer dass mein Motor (Mercedes CLC 186.000KM.) ruhiger und sanfter lief. Hammergeiles Produkt weiter SO!!!

Owner: Andreas

Brand and model of the car: Kia Soul
Run of the car: 80000
Year of release: 2010

Very good additives the car began to work better, decrease the fuel consumption and the engine began to work more silently.

Owner: Oskari

Atomium did not help anything after 4 times used. 200.oookm e39 :(

Owner: Peter

Brand and model of the car: Toyota Sprinter Marino
Run of the car: 260000
Year of release: 1993

I got this car with run about 160000 km. I saw information of Atomium in a profile forum I decided to test I filled in atomium on 175000 km. really the compression raised the engine began to work much better. I sold the car of 190000 km. and communicate with the new owner there is 25 000km on speedometer already. The engine works perfect and there is no problemes with it. The new owner wants to process the hydraulic booster and AGSB.

Owner: Johannes