"ATOMIUM" comments and customer reviews

I ve done about 160 km., oil became very dark, it is likely that this engine flush really works. Disadvantages: after shippment was it was like damaged a bit, but the integrity was not affected.

Owner: Petr Lutter
City: Uhersky Brod
Country: Czech Republic
Transport: Skoda Fabia
Year: 2008
Mileage: 134000

Everything that thay claim in description is true. Engine performance improved: it works quieter, stoped shaking at idle. Used both fuel and oil additives too.

Owner: Marcin
City: Sieradz
Country: Poland
Transport: Renault Laguna
Year: 2011 y
Mileage: 196.000

Bought for Mitsubishi Galant 9, mileage 197,000 km. Сhanged transmission oil every 60,000 . At the moment, gearbox was work well, but there are small bumps when switching to reverse gear and when switching from 2 to 3 gear. use additive for the first time in my life, so itwas very interesting to see the effect. So, I add this additive according to the instructions in the already warmed-up car (first I took a clean stick, scraped and stirred the sediment from the bottom, and only then shook the jar well). Filled before a trip of 150 km long, and the other day 150 km. back. With a pure heart, I declare that the effect exists. it appeared when I was driving back. The kick when switching to reverse disappeared forever, even when it was cold. Kick when switching from 2 to 3 gear a little still feel cold, but as the car warms up disappears completely! And so, nothing else has changed in the behavior of the car, the consumption is the same, the dynamics seem to be the same, only now I watch with pleasure as it switches from 2 to 3 gear . As a result, I can say that the additive met expectations, I am satisfied:)

Owner: Sergiy

Delivered quickly. Used for a saw. As a result, I don't know. Still sawing. 

Owner: Tyler

Bin zufrieden, alles top.Habe schon 2 Mal gekauft. Meine Meinung nach, Automatikgetriebe funktioniert danach weicher, Aufschlag beim Schalten seltener geworden.
I'm satisfied, everything top. Have already bought 2 Times. In my opinion, automatic transmission works softer after that, impact when shifting becomes less frequent.

Owner: Gagarin Mac

After application of Atomium restore additives in the engine and transmission   the car considerably changed to the best . Thanks !!!!!!

Owner: Frank
Transport: Hyundai Sonata EF
Year: 2001
Mileage: 170.000

Начал пользоваться СГА совсем недавно, месяц назад. Проехал на ней уже около 2 000 км. Первые 2 бака откатал по инструкции с применением сразу 2 бутылей СГА на бак. Сейчас лью по одному бутылю на бак. Думаю еще мало времени прошло для конструктивного анализа и отзыва. Но расход реально стал меньше. Ничего не сломалось, не загорелось и не взорвалось. Буду использовать дальше. Также планирую использовать долговременную промывку  в двигатель
I started using SGA quite recently, a month ago. Traveled on it for about 2,000 km. I drove the first 2 fuel tanks according to the instructions using 2 bottles SGA per tank at once. Now I pour one bottle per tank. I think not much time has passed for constructive analysis and feedback. But the consumption actually became less. Nothing broke, caught fire, or exploded. I will use it further. I also plan to use long-term engine flushing 

Owner: Yuriy
City: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Transport: Mercedes-Benz S-class
Year: 2012
Mileage: 152000

According to subjective feelings, the engine after additive work quieter and flatter, and it is easier to start. From the objective side - the flow-rate fell from 7.8 to 7.1, however, it is difficult to say is it this additive effect to others, because I used the entire complex from Atomium.

Owner: Markus Vogel
City: Schwerte
Country: Germany
Transport:  Opel Astra 1.6
Year: 2017
Mileage: 66300

Recently, I found Atomium online, got stick to it, bought and poured complex, in engine, in a gearbox, in steering wheel, and gasoline fuel additive. Did everything like in instructions. So what do we got:
1) engine is still having the second treatment (the 2nd can). Prior to this, hydraulic valve lifters were constantly knocking, now problem is away. 
2) In the power steering, 2 uses of 1/2 can treatments have passed, as per the instructions, so far have not noticed any serious changes. Only steers a bit easier.
3) The manual transmission has not yet noticed anything, drove about 4000 km after processing. had no problems with so just need to believe that it will live longer
4) fuel additive  - fuel consumption fell noticeably. no comments about power.

In any case, so far I am pleased with the overall result.

Owner: Robert
City:  Zoetermeer
Country: Netherlands
Transport: Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI
Year: 2013
Mileage: 56000

I tried atomium on all that is possible: the engine, gearbox, fuel system. Even processed the fuel pump, which is on my engine with direct injection. After complete engine treatment, the compression leveled out in all cylinders. first I add long-term flushing to the old oil. Then wanted to try more and here we go! To keep the fuel system clean, I regularly use the SGA fuel additive. Excellent products, made from Russia with love and which really works!

Owner: Alexey Sobolev
Transport: Skoda Octavia A5 1.4 TSI DSG7
Year: 2011

I noticed the result after finishing second pack (4 bottle). Consumption fell(by about a liter), and power increased. Happy with the result!

Owner: Andrey
City: Heerde
Country: Netherlands
Transport: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3
Year: 2020
Mileage: 5000

I Have a car with a mileage above 250,000 km, I really want to support it with a little blood.  So I started using fuel additive SGA a couple of months ago,  A couple of gas stations filled the additive, then started doing 1 skipping 1 for the economy. Since September 15, there were 7 fuelings, drove 2,557 km, wasted fuel - 245 liters. There is no on-Board computer, but I carefully write everything down in the phone app and it gives me the numbers: 8,213 l/100 km. Before that, the consumption was about 10 l/100 km. Whether the additive helped 100% I can't answer, but the desire to try other atomium aprohim products appeared.

Owner: Michel
City: Drammen
Country: Norway
Transport: Volvo V70
Year: 2013
Mileage: 278500

the clatter when starting is gone and reduced consumption, and became more clearly respond to the pedal

Owner: Jonas
City: Brüggen
Transport: ford focus
Year: 2012
Mileage: 103 000

I don't know what to say. There don't seem to be any changes. Or maybe there is. Engine consumes no more oil. Due to the lack of a catalyst, the exhaust stinks as it used to before)

Owner: Noah
City: Cork
Country: Ireland
Transport: Ford fusion
Year: 2006
Mileage: 190000

Hello, everyone. For a long time, I looked at this additive in fuel and finally tried it.  Hyundai Accent 4, 2011, automatic transmission, mileage at the time of the first filling just over 94 thousand km. The first time was not done as expected, but for reasons of economy, I filled 1 bottle - I did not feel the stunning effect, BUT: - there was a slight increase in traction when rpm is low, so in traffic, I just released the brake and the car was driving more actively than before; - increased mileage in first and second gear without adding gas, i.e. now I can drive a long distance with the gear on without pushing the accelerator. I liked the effect. Now I filled the second bottle at the second refueling. And here I saw the effect for real. Usually, one tank of gasoline with megapolis traffic jams is enough for me for a week. After I filled the second bottle, at the end of the week I had a few less than a half the tank left (the operating mode did not change, the route also), I did not even go to refuel on Sunday, as I did before the working week! Now I can say for sure that there was an improvement in traction at the low this is due to a decrease in fuel consumption.

Everything is written may seem too much for 2 bottles but this is true! I guess the fuel quality here in Latvia is no too good so my car was not operating correctly and the fuel additive helped to get things up!

Owner: Eldars Kotsegubovs
City: Riga
Country: Latvia
Transport: Hyunadi Accent 4
Year: 2011
Mileage: 94 000

Delivery took quite long but it worth it. Always thought that my diesel peugeot makes too much noises and finaly desided to fix it. After calculating the price of additives (diesel plus(+1 regular), msgb, hpfp, sda, reducer, flush) i compared it to the price of diagnostics and repair in car sevrice and choose to give chemistry a try. And you know what? it worked out quite well. Did not look inside these car parts but the noise, vibration and fuel consumption reduction with growth in power when accelerating in very noticable. So these facts may let me claim that i did a right chose!!! Plus to effects i get an extention of cars life - thatmakes me even more happy

Owner: Alexander
City: Boussu
Country: Belgium
Transport: Peugeot 308 1.6s
Year: 2010
Mileage: 183578

I do not know additive this works or not  but I have a present a "set" of this miracle aditivs
somehow then the gasket burned out in engine- when replacing it, the mechanik asked - what kind of oil you use? - at first I afraid that he mean that the engine was "done" but he said - I have not seen such an ideal state of the engine with such a run ... so - and believe or not to believe everyone has a choice ..

Owner: Danko
City: Nikšić
Country: Montenegro
Transport: Renault Vel Satis 2.2
Year: 2017

In 2013, I bought a VW Polo sedan, and did not drive 10 thousand km (six months), when heard a knock in the engine. At 10 thousand km the dealer recognized the fault and recapitalized the engine, replacing the cylinder-piston group (CPG) with pistons larger size. I finished 1 more year, after 10-15 thousand kilometers, and the engine rattled again. At 25 thousand km the dealer recognized again malfunction and re-capitalized, again replacing (CPG) the old pistons on new pistons that are also larger. Read about products atomium (from googling the problems), fearing for the manifestation of engine failure and new knocks again, for 29 thousand km. I used a composition atomium active for new petrol engines. and after processing, I forgot about everything. the knock is no longer appeared, nothing else in the engine did not irritate, there were no complaints. Since the car was practically new, I didn't notice any other changes, except when I was idling engine consumption of gasoline decreased by 0.1 liters. respectively (that is when earlier in the Parking lot, the flow rate was 0.8 liters per hour - it fell to 0.7 liters. per hour and respectively from 0.6 l to 0.5 l and even reached 0.4 and 0.3 L., which was very pleasantly surprised). And I was happy with the result. I mean everything was completely forgotten. I forgot about the company atomium, believing that the dealer in this time worthily completed the overhaul and I calmly drove 60-70 thousand km. (4 years), no more additives in the engine did not fill, oil was replaced at the dealer (exactly the one that pours from the factory). After driving 60-70 thousand. km. (total mileage is now 100 thousand), I heard tapping again on cold and then I remembered again about this additives, which effect extended the resources of my engine in 4-6 times (in first time without atomium engine lasted for 10-15 thousand km, when used atomium active it lasted for 60-70 thousand km) - engine oil changed every 5-8 thousand km on the original oil prescribed from the factory. Probably, together with each oil change, it was necessary to use regularly the engine additive Active Regular (not for nothing it is called Rugular) - but people are made the way that all good things are quickly forgotten in contrast to something bad so I did not remember to use it. Conclusions: it helped Me to save my engine and I forgot both about the savior (atomium) and about problem (engine knocking) for 4 years.

Owner: Vladimir
City: Bucharest
Country: România
Transport: VW POLO
Year: 2013
Mileage: 100 000

All I have to do is compliment the additive ATOMIUM. It does exactly as it is written in the specification. I put the product in the engine then after 1000km there was a oilchange . I put another portion , and the engine changes beyond recognition. When operating, I can no longer tell if I have exceeded 3000rpm. All the vibrations have disappeared and if I have 1500 rpm or 6000 is completely doesn't matter - it goes smoothly and quiet any speed. Starting without a problem, the acceleration is super 100:1 for a kind of old engine. I drive a full synthetic 5w40 20000km into the oil change. I highly recommend this car medicine additives.

Owner: Ivan Zlàmal

j ai acheté HPS 60 utilisé résulta très impressionnante le volant était dur à tourner maintenant tourne comme horloge encore en 1 phase . je vais uitlisé maintenant le gasoline active plus sachant que j ai une consomation de huile de 0.25l par 5000km et je roulais avec castrol 5w30 . ma question est ce que je dois passer à la 5w40 avant de utilisé le produit et combien je dois doser surtout que ma voiture ne consomme pas d huile . je voudrais seulement utiliser le produit pour bien protéger le moteur
I bought used HPS 60 very impressive result the flywheel was hard to turn now runs like clock still in 1 phase. I will now use the active gasoline more knowing that I have an oil consumption of 0.25l per 5000km and I was driving with castrol 5w30. my question is what should i switch to 5w40 before using the product and how much i should dose especially since my car does not consume oil. I would only like to use the product to protect the engine well

Dear Anwer, thank you for your question, no, you donn't need to change the oil type, you can stay with 5W30. As for the paalication of Active Gasoline Plus - you should use 1 bottle for the 1st stage, mileage up to 1000 km, then change the oil and oil filter and proceed with the 2nd step of the treatment with same 1 bottle of Active Gasoline Plus. Please do not forget to shake well bottle (active mineral on the bottom). Good luck and thank you for using our products!

Owner: Anwer Methlouthi
City: soliman
Country: tunisie
Transport: BMW E90 316I
Year: 2009
Mileage: 171000