"ATOMIUM" comments and customer reviews

Delivery took quite long but it worth it. Always thought that my diesel peugeot makes too much noises and finaly desided to fix it. After calculating the price of additives (diesel plus(+1 regular), msgb, hpfp, sda, reducer, flush) i compared it to the price of diagnostics and repair in car sevrice and choose to give chemistry a try. And you know what? it worked out quite well. Did not look inside these car parts but the noise, vibration and fuel consumption reduction with growth in power when accelerating in very noticable. So these facts may let me claim that i did a right chose!!! Plus to effects i get an extention of cars life - thatmakes me even more happy

Owner: Alexander
City: Boussu
Country: Belgium
Transport: Peugeot 308 1.6s
Year: 2010
Mileage: 183578

I do not know this works or not additive but it presented a "set" of this miracle-filled - 260 t.km.
somehow then the gasket burned out - when replacing it, the mechanik asked - what kind of oil are you pouring in? - at first I afraid that he mean that the engine was "done" but he said - I have not seen such an ideal state of the engine with such a run ... so - and believe or not to believe everyone has a choice ..

Owner: Danko
City: Nikšić
Country: Montenegro
Transport: Renault Vel Satis 2.2
Year: 2017

In 2013, I bought a VW Polo sedan, and did not drive 10 thousand km (six months), when heard a knock in the engine. At 10 thousand km the dealer recognized the fault and recapitalized the engine, replacing the cylinder-piston group (CPG) with pistons larger size. I finished 1 more year, after 10-15 thousand kilometers, and the engine rattled again. At 25 thousand km the dealer recognized again malfunction and re-capitalized, again replacing (CPG) the old pistons on new pistons that are also larger. Read about products atomium (from googling the problems), fearing for the manifestation of engine failure and new knocks again, for 29 thousand km. I used a composition atomium active for new petrol engines. and after processing, I forgot about everything. the knock is no longer appeared, nothing else in the engine did not irritate, there were no complaints. Since the car was practically new, I didn't notice any other changes, except when I was idling engine consumption of gasoline decreased by 0.1 liters. respectively (that is when earlier in the Parking lot, the flow rate was 0.8 liters per hour - it fell to 0.7 liters. per hour and respectively from 0.6 l to 0.5 l and even reached 0.4 and 0.3 L., which was very pleasantly surprised). And I was happy with the result. I mean everything was completely forgotten. I forgot about the company atomium, believing that the dealer in this time worthily completed the overhaul and I calmly drove 60-70 thousand km. (4 years), no more additives in the engine did not fill, oil was replaced at the dealer (exactly the one that pours from the factory). After driving 60-70 thousand. km. (total mileage is now 100 thousand), I heard tapping again on cold and then I remembered again about this additives, which effect extended the resources of my engine in 4-6 times (in first time without atomium engine lasted for 10-15 thousand km, when used atomium active it lasted for 60-70 thousand km) - engine oil changed every 5-8 thousand km on the original oil prescribed from the factory. Probably, together with each oil change, it was necessary to use regularly the engine additive Active Regular (not for nothing it is called Rugular) - but people are made the way that all good things are quickly forgotten in contrast to something bad so I did not remember to use it. Conclusions: it helped Me to save my engine and I forgot both about the savior (atomium) and about problem (engine knocking) for 4 years.

Owner: Vladimir
City: Bucharest
Country: România
Transport: VW POLO
Year: 2013
Mileage: 100 000

All I have to do is compliment the additive ATOMIUM. It does exactly as it is written in the specification. I put the product in the engine then after 1000km there was a oilchange . I put another portion , and the engine changes beyond recognition. When operating, I can no longer tell if I have exceeded 3000rpm. All the vibrations have disappeared and if I have 1500 rpm or 6000 is completely doesn't matter - it goes smoothly and quiet any speed. Starting without a problem, the acceleration is super 100:1 for a kind of old engine. I drive a full synthetic 5w40 20000km into the oil change. I highly recommend this car medicine additives.

Owner: Ivan Zlàmal

j ai acheté HPS 60 utilisé résulta très impressionnante le volant était dur à tourner maintenant tourne comme horloge encore en 1 phase . je vais uitlisé maintenant le gasoline active plus sachant que j ai une consomation de huile de 0.25l par 5000km et je roulais avec castrol 5w30 . ma question est ce que je dois passer à la 5w40 avant de utilisé le produit et combien je dois doser surtout que ma voiture ne consomme pas d huile . je voudrais seulement utiliser le produit pour bien protéger le moteur
I bought used HPS 60 very impressive result the flywheel was hard to turn now runs like clock still in 1 phase. I will now use the active gasoline more knowing that I have an oil consumption of 0.25l per 5000km and I was driving with castrol 5w30. my question is what should i switch to 5w40 before using the product and how much i should dose especially since my car does not consume oil. I would only like to use the product to protect the engine well

Dear Anwer, thank you for your question, no, you donn't need to change the oil type, you can stay with 5W30. As for the paalication of Active Gasoline Plus - you should use 1 bottle for the 1st stage, mileage up to 1000 km, then change the oil and oil filter and proceed with the 2nd step of the treatment with same 1 bottle of Active Gasoline Plus. Please do not forget to shake well bottle (active mineral on the bottom). Good luck and thank you for using our products!

Owner: Anwer Methlouthi
City: soliman
Country: tunisie
Transport: BMW E90 316I
Year: 2009
Mileage: 171000

The long-awaited second stage of processing the engine of my AUDI A3 2000s release with a mileage of as much as 144,000 km has come. It REALLY feels like the additive is WORKING! 
Also used for motorcycle SUZUKI GSR 400 (last fall), and the motorcycle additive WORKS as well as in the car!
After application you will have the flexibility of the engine, improved dynamics, and easier starts in the winter! The first additive that REALLY WORKS! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owner: Oliver
City: Mönchengladbach
Country: Germany
Transport: AUDI A3, SUZUKI GSR 400
Year: 2011
Mileage: 113,289

Used SGA for 4 times. Easy to add it when fuelling. Car became a little faster as i feal, consumption fell about 0,8-1,2 litres in the city

Owner: Diyor
Transport: VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2011/5 GTI

I liked the effect of automatic gearbox additive. After about 200-300 kilometers of mileage after refilling it, jerks when switching at low and medium engine speeds stopped, and after about the same time, jerks stopped at high speeds when switching.I drove about 1500-2000 kilometers with atomium, then changed the oil in the automatic transmission. It works normally, without jerks and slips.

Owner: Maximilian
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Transport: chevrolet lacetti
Year: 2010
Mileage: 190000

I 've been taking advantage of additives for the engine, automatic gearbox, and axles for a long time. I am very happy with the result, the noise has become much less, the transmission works and switches speeds clearer, the engine power has grow because of optimized compression, and by the way, the dirt in the engine have become much less with each oil change

Owner: János
City: Nyíregyháza
Country: Hungary
Transport: Fiat 500 X
Year: 2013
Mileage: 67,000

extended the service life until the overhaul for two seasons. When we took engine apart, it was all shiny inside (like literally ideal surface), no carbon dirt or any other bad thing

Owner: Joakim
City: Silkeborg
Country: Denmark
Transport: honda NM-4
Year: 2014
Mileage: 11500

I will share with you my miracle. I have a Toyota LC, she is 22 years old. There was a knock somewhere inside. The master said that the fuel pump RIPed. After pouring sda flushing and then hpfp additive, knocking stopped, and the car began to work as usua (even better)l. For safety added engine flush and additive active. Hope my old friend will last for very long (not long ago did an overhaul repair and want to keep it clean and safe)

Owner: Aiden
City: Cork
Country: Ireland
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4.2 TD
Year: 1998
Mileage: 285000

The result exceeded all my expectations. I knew that the engine would be quieter and softer, but not that much!! Now I feel the comfort of some sort. It starts almost with a turn of the key.

Owner: Pavel
City: Sarajevo
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Transport: Hyndai Solaris
Mileage: 115 000

in a diesel manual Sandero result is just wow, the gearbox and motor works well, the switching is smooth and  hum with noise is almost gone (not so old car at that) . Recommend to everyone

Owner: Jürgen Oldermann
City: Villingen Schwenningen
Country: Germany
Transport: Dacia Sandero Stepway
Year: 2019

I won't say that I directly feel that the car is working better. I can't see, I can't feel. Certainly not worse than without additives. So what can I say... I believe in written info and hope for the integrity of the manufacturer that my car will live longer!

Owner: Gabriel
City: Auxerre
Country: France
Transport: Fiat
Year: 2015
Mileage: 94,300 km

used atomium into the hyundai sonata togaz,  2.7. Some kind of hydraulic pusher began to knock hard, before that usedd other "stop noise" additives, the knock go away for couple thousand km, now it was back.

than it stoped after some driving, now is the situation when it knock without stopping. I used atomium without  hope that it help, but i know from practice that it would definitely not be worse.

I write as it is - I drove a couple of kilometers, and the knocking practically disappeared. On this day, I did about 50 km around the city, the engine after 30 km stopped macking tik tik tik sound completely, only at start  it tiked for 15-20 seconds. Started this morning, the knock lasted 5 seconds, and then silence. For myself, I decided that I would conduct a full course of processing. Hyundai Sonata Tagaz 2.7 car mileage according to the  odometer 180k.

I wrote it think my review may be useful to someone, and you will not have to change the hydraulic lifters, it is expensive. AGood luck to everyone on the road!

Owner: Nikita
City: Narva
Country: Estonia
Transport: hyundai sonata togaz, 2.7
Mileage: 180000

Hello ! Improvement in engine performance felt after 1000 km, the additive really works ! Thanks !

Owner: Stéphane

Products match all its characteristics. The engine starts better in the cold (5-6°C but still), fuel pump produces less noise, the oil is not topped up between changes, previously topped up at least 1 liter.

Owner: Rogério Silva
City: Matosinhos
Country: Portugal
Transport: opel meriva
Year: 2007
Mileage: 180000

I have a diesel car, old car. I've started to use Atomium first time in 2016, tried with Active Plus Diesel, and still I driving same car, and have reduction of fuel, noise and vibration, no any oil burn (was up to 1l/1000 km), engine is like a new one! thank you so much guys!

Owner: Luc
City: Abuja
Country: NIgeria
Transport: Volvo
Year: 2006
Mileage: 232000

I drive 3 thousand km after additive, I can say that it did not get worse, even I think the engine began to work better faster quieter and smoother.The oil consumption has reached a minimum, although this is a Honda at high speeds, it always eats a lot of oil.

Owner: Ashot
Transport: Honda civic
Year: 2012
Mileage: 110 000

Did a little research before buying. After decided to try it.Everything that is written about the product is true. Confirmed.Tested and used. reduced fuel consumption, the car whispers and feels more easygoing. Thanks

Owner: Shameel