The modern internal combustion engine is a high-tech unit. Turbines controlled by the fuel supply system electronics, design features of the cylinder block and mechanisms make the engine more powerful, economical and environmentally friendly. However, such an engine inevitably becomes more demanding to the quality of fuel, which must be properly and completely burned.

The quality of combustion is determined by the injection system – whether it gives the necessary pressure, whether it creates the right flare. To maintain the condition of injectors and pumps, fuel, in addition to the combustion characteristics, must have certain lubricating, anti-corrosion and cleaning properties.

  • Atomium HPFP 100
    The compound is designed to restore the operating characteristics and extend the lifetime of high pressure fuel pumps in diesel engines of any design
    Volume100 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)23 €
  • Atomium MAX 200 HPFP
    The compound is designed to restore the operating characteristics and extend the lifetime of high pressure fuel pumps in diesel engines of trucks and special machinery
    Volume200 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)60.5 €
  • Atomium A-prohim™ SGA Cleaning fuel additive for Gasoline
    ATOMIUM APROHIM SGA fuel additive gently cleans fuel equipment, lubricates it, protects it from corrosion and prevents the formation of sludge. This restores the performance of fuel pumps, injectors or injectors, protects them from wear and extends their service life. Complete restoration of the fuel injection equipment improves the injection, reduces fuel consumption, and improves dynamics. Analog of the discontinued Castrol TBE.
    Volume50 ml
    Price (inc. VAT)0 €
  • Atomium A-prohim™ SDA Cleaning fuel additive for Diesel
    Soft fuel additive ATOMIUM A-PROHIM " SDA (SDA)" is designed to restore and maintain the performance of diesel fuel systems, including Common Rail and "pump-injector" systems. The additive cleans (washes), lubricates, and protects injectors and fuel pumps from corrosion, maintaining their serviceability. Brings the cetane number of the fuel to optimal values. Analog of discontinued Castrol TDA (Castrol TDA).
    Volume... ml
    Price (inc. VAT)0 €

However, even the premium segment fuel often falls short of optimal indicators for these parameters. This is why automakers strongly recommend the use of corrective additives in gasoline and diesel fuel and regular cleaning of the fuel system.
Company "SUPROTEC EU s.r.o." offer one-time operation cleaners, and fuel additives for continuous application, which is specially designed for tough conditions: dusty roads, the low average quality of fuel, high loads in city traffic.
Different manufacturers of additives in gasoline, as well as additives for diesel fuel, differ in properties, functionality and efficiency. Company "SUPROTEC EU s.r.o." focused on how to develop on the one hand complex, and on the other universal tools.
Complex – because they solve several problems at once, and universal-because they are suitable for various types of fuel systems, including carburetor, injection systems and direct fuel injection systems, such as TSI, TFSI, GDI, MDI and others.
The General task of fuel additives is to ensure the normal operation of the fuel system, and as a result – high-quality and complete combustion of fuel. This reduces fuel consumption while increasing the power output, making it easier and faster to start the engine. This results in a significantly smaller amount of incomplete combustion products, which allows you to maintain cleanliness in the combustion chamber. Moreover, these products do not fall together with exhaust gases on the turbine blades, in catalysts and particulate filters, which significantly extends the service life of these devices.