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What is the probability that when using additive, carbon deposits will peel off and then get into the oil channels with their clogging?

Hello, Sean!

Clogging of the oil channels, after the use of our products, is not possible. The additive components are not aggressive. The deposits are gradually cleaned and captured by the oil filter. There is no flaking of whole layers that can get stuck in oil channels and clog them.

Owner: Sean

Could you please tell me if it is possible to use Active with new oil? I just recently changed the oil and only drove 500 km. I want to go trough all three steps. It is a long wait until mileage appears to oil replacing, what would you advise?

Hello, Aleksandr!

You can start processing with the new oil, but you will need to monitor its condition every 500 - 1000 km. If the oil becomes tightly black, it will need to be replaced ahead of time. If the oil remains clean for more than 3,000 km during the first stage of treatment, we recommend replacing the oil filter and continuing operation until the next maintenance.

Owner: Aleksandr
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia
Transport: Hyundai i40
Year: 2015
Mileage: 230000

Good afternoon! The front axle gearbox is buzzing I want to use reducer, tell me you must definitely go on all-wheel drive so that it would work or rear-drive is enough?

Hello, Albert!

To get the desired effect, the unit must work. If you just fill it in and do not connect the all-wheel drive, so the axle wouldn't be working, there will be no effect.

Owner: Albert

I used additive for manual transmission. The switch became softer, but it may be because of new oil, not sure... I will feel the improvement or it will go down like from new oil?

Hello, Alexander!

Our Atomium MSGB additive does help to switch gears smoother and softer. This is due to the restoration of gear teeth surfaces. 

Have no dought! You've got this effect from an additive and it will not fade away.

Owner: Alexander
Transport: manual gearbox

can I use Diesel additive with 5w-30 oil?

Hello, Pavle!

Atomium additives can be used with any type of oil.

Make sure that the car manufacturer recommends this oil to your engine.

Owner: Pavle
City: Bar
Country: Montenegro
Transport: land rover freelander-2 tdi
Year: 2007
Mileage: 250000

I already use another additive, can I use the atomium tritechnical compound with it?

Hello Ron!

After applying any additives, using our tribotechnical compounds is possible.

Be sure to follow the instructions.

Owner: Ron
City: Netanya
Country: Israel
Transport: Opel Corsa
Year: 2010
Mileage: 160 000

Does it make sense to use mototek 2 into an aluminum piston group with a Nikasil coating, or it is only for ferrous metals? ( According to the manual, replaced piston, I would like to refresh it with protective innovations )

Hello there!

Our additives effectively work on engines with any silicon coatings. That means yes, you can use Mototec 2.

Owner: Slava
Year: 2016
Mileage: 20000

What and how I do to safely flush out the Atomium Active so that it does not pollute oil channels?

Hello, Nikita!
If you mean the first stage of Active Plus, you don't need to flush anything out. It will happen when you will change the oil.

Oil channels clog with deposits that can be washed out of the system by using our long-term Engine Flush. We recommend to use it before every oil change.

If you want to get rid of the protective layer that was formed by Active Plus, it is possible only by mechanical treatment.

Owner: Nikita
City: Varna
Country: Bulgaria

Здравствуйте. В двигателях с прямым впрыском топлива неизбежно некоторая часть бензина попадает в моторное масло, особенно зимой. Подскажите, насколько вредна присадка SGA для моторного масла? Спасибо.
Hello. In direct fuel injection engines, it is inevitable that some of the gasoline gets into the engine oil, especially in winter. Tell me, how harmful is SGA additive for engine oil? Thanks.

Здравствуйте, Александр! В любых двигателях, при их нормальной работе, топливо не попадает в масло. Этого не позволяет сделать принцип работы системы зажигания. В масляный картер могут прорываться отработанные газы, которые из-за большого наличия серы в топливе быстрее окисляют масло. Даже если присадка каким-то образом попадёт в масло, то воздействие на него будет точно такое же, как и от любого топлива.
Hello, Alexander! In all engines, during their normal operation, fuel does not get into the oil. The principle of operation of the ignition system does not allow this. Exhaust gases can break into the oil sump, which, due to the large presence of sulfur in the fuel, oxidize the oil faster. Even if the additive somehow gets into the oil, the effect on it will be exactly the same as from any fuel.

Owner: Александр
City: Рига
Country: Латвия
Transport: Мазда

good day!is it necessary to change the power steering fluid after stage 1?

Hello, Richard!
If the liquid remains clean after the first stage of treatment, you can keep it without change. The second part of the bottle is poured into the same liquid.

Owner: Richard

Hello, I got car from friend. Found out that he awlready used regular additive. But before i added active plus in same oil. The oil is fresh. Question: is it bad? do i need to chenge it?

Hello, Eremej!
There will be no overdose and everything will be ok! If the mineral concentration in oil is higher that needed - nothing will change in good or bad way.
We recommend you to use Atomium Regular every oil change for further protection.

Owner: Eremej

Can you advise, when switching the automatic transmission from P to D, there is a noticeable kick in the transmission, also from position D to R. When driving  everything is normal, it switches smoothly. Can i use something to help

Hello, Zaccheo!

In this case we recommend you to use Atomium ASGB for automatic transmission. 

You can add one bottle inside after a full or part oil change. 

We advise to repeat treatment after 60 000km.

Owner: Zaccheo Tommaso
City: Modugno
Country: Italy
Transport: Land Cruiser 100
Year: 2005
Mileage: 197000

Can you tell how many kilometers after Active Plus - this additive stops working? I after pouring this additive on2 stage, I don't plan to drive until the next oil change, I plan to change the oil earlier. The question - how much early I change oil not to stop Active Plus effects on 2 stage???

Hello, Ionuţ! The maximum effect on the second stage and after is achieved at 3,000 - 4,000 km.

Owner: Ionuţ
City: Constanta
Country: Romania

Spent a lot time but I dont see parts of tribotech in the SGA fluid. You say that it has same thing like in active or other compounds. Why don't I see it on the bottom of can?

Hello, Radoslaw. There is a very small concentration of friction geomodifier in SGA and SDA additives: just as much as the fuel system needs. Since there is a small concentration - it does not land on the bottom of the can so much. But we still recommend shaking well before use!

Owner: Radoslaw

What would happen to engine with oil system of 4 liters if 2 bottles of Active Plus are poured into it?

Hello, Charls!

Excessive concentration will not do any harm but will not do improve the effect either. You will just waste oil additive and get nothing more like if you used 1 bottle.

Owner: Charls

Hello, tell me if it makes sense to fill gasoline with additives (like on gas station) when using the SGA at the same time?

Hello, Fred!
SGA can be filled with absolutely any fuel. The fuel grade must comply with the vehicle regulations. 
It makes sense to use both because special fuel on gas stations must be of higher quality. Both SGA and gas stations special fuel has unique ingredients that won't conflict with each other's effects. 

Owner: Fred

Now there are types of fuel (gasoline and diesel), which have already added all kinds of additives. Won't it be too much to add SDA to them. Thank you .

Hello Abraham! No fuel additive package protects the injectors from wear. restores them and increases the cetane number. In our product, there is a unique package that helps the fuel system the best way!  SDA can and should be used with any diesel fuel.

Owner: Abraham

Hello. Mileage by car at the moment 450000 km. Earlier I treated the engine with your Atomium Plus for 200000 km mileage 3 times. Then it was abandoned. At the moment, the engine eats 1 liter of oil for the 8000 km. What do you advise on engine treatment? And is it necessary to be more careful on such mileage (oil turns black faster than usual, etc.) ?

Hello, Sean! We recommend re-treatment with tribotechnical compound Active Plus Gasoline/Diesel. Application procedure: Step 1: add Active Plus into working oil 500 - 1000 km before replacement. Step 2: add Active Plus into the new oil; Mileage to the standard oil change. Step 3: add Active Plus to new oil; Mileage until standard oil change. Later on, we recommend that you fill in the Active Regular (into new oil) every time you change oil or once per two changes, depending on the intensity of car usage or driving style

Owner: Sean
Transport: Kia Ceed
Mileage: 450000

j ai acheté HPS 60 utilisé résulta très impressionnante le volant était dur à tourner maintenant tourne comme horloge encore en 1 phase . je vais uitlisé maintenant le gasoline active plus sachant que j ai une consomation de huile de 0.25l par 5000km et je roulais avec castrol 5w30 . ma question est ce que je dois passer à la 5w40 avant de utilisé le produit et combien je dois doser surtout que ma voiture ne consomme pas d huile . je voudrais seulement utiliser le produit pour bien protéger le moteur
I bought used HPS 60 very impressive result the flywheel was hard to turn now runs like clock still in 1 phase. I will now use the active gasoline more knowing that I have an oil consumption of 0.25l per 5000km and I was driving with castrol 5w30. my question is what should i switch to 5w40 before using the product and how much i should dose especially since my car does not consume oil. I would only like to use the product to protect the engine well

Dear Anwer, thank you for your question, no, you donn't need to change the oil type, you can stay with 5W30. As for the paalication of Active Gasoline Plus - you should use 1 bottle for the 1st stage, mileage up to 1000 km, then change the oil and oil filter and proceed with the 2nd step of the treatment with same 1 bottle of Active Gasoline Plus. Please do not forget to shake well bottle (active mineral on the bottom). Good luck and thank you for using our products!

Owner: Anwer Methlouthi
City: soliman
Country: tunisie
Transport: BMW E90 316I
Year: 2009
Mileage: 171000

Wie viel sollte man bei einem Motorrad mit 1,9 Liter Ölmenge einfüllen?

Hallo, Arlond!

nehmen Sie halbes Fläschchen vor dem Ölwechsel und halbes danach. Also eine Dose reicht!

Owner: Arnold