2017-05-05 03:13:52

We are pleased to inform you that from April 28 - may 1, 2017 has passed the Second level and scale of the Largest Exhibition in Germany Tuningworld Bodensee, Friedrichshafen. At the exhibition stand with running the car without oil for the second year attracts more and more visitors.
This year, the demonstration of the machine just blew the whole show ! To stand lined up in long queues not only from just looking , but wanting to buy the company's products Suprotec EU (brand Atomium). Purchased products for treated all types of engines and boxes, bridges, gearboxes. Many of who bought and processed the car last year visited the stand this year and brought along family and friends, to illustrate the result and effect that they felt on their cars.
Our company will continue to please you with news and interesting photos with a whole series of exhibitions this spring and summer !