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2017-09-11 14:56:42

Russian Suprotec technology opens Southeast Asia

In Shanghai  08.09.17, opened China's largest automobile exhibition “ China Auto Salon 2017 “ CAS. Among a hundred of the biggest brands here are the Atomium. Exactly under this trademark, the Russian tribotechnology company "SUPROTEC" is known in the global market. Triboactive products and service of chemicals, developed in Saint-Petersburg in China is a well-known online store auto parts and components “ PPPcar ( ). Products Atomium exhibited on the stand of this company. Here, on the bench, exhibited a car engine that runs without oil.

Car - business card technology "SUPROTEC" and, of course, Russian beauties, cause the guests of the Shanghai motor show the same great interest in Russia, Europe or America. In recognition of the partners "SUPROTEC" in the first day of the exhibition is the most visited stand, which attracted a large attention of the press and guests of the dealership.

The export of its technology to the world market, the company "SUPROTEC" beginning with the opening in 2015 of the representative office in EU (Prague). "This year, together with our partners, to whom we Express our gratitude, we began to open the markets of Southeast Asia, - said the General Director of group of companies "SUPROTEC" Sergei Zelen'kov. We believe that unique products and technology from Russia will be recognized and sought after in the region."

Add that to the opening of the company "SUPROTEC" the Chinese market contributed part of the rally-RAID Racing team Suprotec  in transcontinental marathon "Silk road", which is the past and this summer took place from Russia to China. And in 2016, and in 2017 all crews Suprotec Racing finished in Beijing and Xi'an, demonstrating not only the skill of pilots and mechanics, but also the effectiveness of tributing technology SUPROTEC.

During the visit to the  head office  at the company "SUPROTEC" in St. Petersburg, the head of the partner - Mr. Jason Qian, admitted that the actively growing Chinese market is in dire need of such products as Suprotec/Atomium. He said that China's high taxes on cars with large engine capacity. Motorists active turbojet motors, which leads to their rapid deterioration and failure. "Therefore, innovative technology, such as yours, is able to extend the life of the engine, in my opinion, will be in demand." What proves the interest in the Atomium on the CAS 2017 exhibition in Shanghai.