ROMEXPO S.A.B. Bucharest, Romania 10-20/10/2019

ROMEXPO S.A.B. Bucharest, Romania 10-20/10/2019
2019-10-23 15:15:53

Atomium EU s.r.o. we presenting our Tribotechnology at Auto Salon Bucharest in Romania 2019.

This is the biggest Automotive exhibition in Romania.

We again showing our car which is able to work without oil in extreme conditions, and by this car with the open engine again and again we are showing and proving the performance and efficiency of our products.

A lot of people with the big interest came to our car and asking the questions: How it is possible? And they are don’t believe their eyes!!! Yes it is possible if your car is treated by Atomium Tribotechnical compounds!!!

In Romania we have already big number of Atomium products users and this people already well know how it works, because they use our products for their cars, which is able to restore and prolong the lifetime of the engine, gearbox, hydraulic power steering unit, high pressure fuel pump, and reducers.

Along with restoring and prolonging the lifetime our products is restores compression, reduces fuel consumption, reduces oil burning, reduces noise and vibration, reduces emission of CO/CH, and provides your engine second life, and which is more important avoid costly engine repair and allow you to use your car longer. Keeping new engines and other mechanisms new, restores old engines simply by application of the products, and you even don’t need to go to the service to do it, because the application is very simple.

Atomium – Live at Full Power!!!

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