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Automatic gearbox and engine rpm drop: what to do and how to fix

One of the problems faced by the modern car owners is automatic gearbox.

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Engine with the big mileage

For the engines with the big mileage or for the engines with the...

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Traffic congestion problems

A city, traffic jams… It's a torture rather than driving: the car is...

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Fuel consumption

The large part of all the engines, including car engines, run on hydrocarbon...

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Engine smokes, the white smoke, the Black Smoke, blue or dove-colored smoke

Every day motorists visit our site with questions "my engine smokes, what is...

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2020-07-03 15:23:20

Get additives in Alza's pick up point a.s. is an e-commerce store operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia (, and since...

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2020-03-10 15:14:43

Buy Atomium additives at Amazon

We continuously looking for improving our services and provide our clients as many options to...

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2019-11-18 17:46:06

Atomium MAX series live test on DAF truck. November 2019, Germany, special garage.

Atomium MAX series, product range for the trucks, busses, and light commercial vehicles was tested...

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2019-10-23 15:15:53

ROMEXPO S.A.B. Bucharest, Romania 10-20/10/2019

Atomium EU s.r.o. we presenting our Tribotechnology at Auto Salon Bucharest in Romania 2019. This...

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2019-04-17 11:22:14

Atomium in Czech Republic at Polygon MAX CARS Plus 13/04/2019

Suprotec - Atomium Tribotechnology present at the Extreme Tuning Show Polygon MAX CARS Plus 13/04/2019...

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2019-04-02 11:50:48

Atomium at RALLYCROSS MMČR Slovakia Ring 30-31/03/2019

Atomium Tribotechnology is presented at Rally Cross MMCR Slovakia Ring - Slovakia.

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Atomium Prague SAPA market 02-03.02.2019
2019-02-15 12:34:10

Atomium Prague SAPA market 02-03.02.2019

Atomium Tribotechnology is presented at SAPA market place in Prague Czech Republic.

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2019-01-28 11:52:46

The company SUPROTEC EU (ATOMIUM) is gaining momentum in Central Europe!

The second exibition this year was in Erfurt Messe Auto Exibition! The traditional demonstration of...

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2019-01-23 11:04:24

An incredible event in Australia!

19.01.2019 in the Gold Coast city, was the first this year's exhibition of Atomium!

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2019-01-14 10:27:31

The season opened with a traditional exhibition in Germany

We are pleased to inform you that the 2019 season opened with a traditional exhibition...

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2018-10-17 11:15:15

Suprotec Atomium continue to entering European markets

Nowadays we are presented our tribotechnical technology and our products in Romania, at Bucharest ROMEXPO...

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2018-09-20 13:36:12

Atomium is entering World Automotive Industrial market

Among the 5000 exhibitors from 70 countries in Frankfurt am Main at Automechanika Exhibition -...

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