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Preserving Compression of Diesel Engines - The Extensive Guide

We all understand that a diesel engine is different than a petrol engine...

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Automatic gearbox and engine rpm drop: what to do and how to fix

One of the problems faced by the modern car owners is automatic gearbox.

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Engine with the big mileage

For the engines with the big mileage or for the engines with the...

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A city, traffic jams… It's a torture rather than driving: the car is...

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Fuel consumption

The large part of all the engines, including car engines, run on hydrocarbon...

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Engine smokes, the white smoke, the Black Smoke, blue or dove-colored smoke

Every day motorists visit our site with questions "my engine smokes, what is...

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2021-04-14 14:37:46

First exhibition in 2021 in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya April 2021

All countries around the world since spring lats year are suffering because pandemic.  A lot...

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2021-02-26 15:22:15

New Atomium dealer in Spain - ATOMIUM PRO TEC S. L.

We are pleased to announce that the Atomium brand is now officially represented in Spain....

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2020-12-23 11:06:29

Merry Christmas and a venturous new year!

On behalf of Group of companies Suprotec & especially worldwide Atomium brand – I would...

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2020-12-14 14:43:31

Christmas Sale

Christmas offer Atomium 2020-2021 with -15% discount for all products

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2020-12-04 14:15:54

New atomium sales markets – South-East Asia. Distributor in Malaysia

Our new partner in Malaysia – company Imola Automotive Sdn. Bhd. is locating in Kuala...

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2020-11-25 12:22:32

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale on 15% discount from November 23 to 30 on Atomium

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2020-10-21 17:08:28

Atomium around the world – AFRICA!!!

Suprotec – Atomium innovative tribo-technology step by step penetrates different continents and countries. 

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2020-09-24 16:10:13

Learn how does Active Plus work and what does it do in new video instructions!

We collected answers to all popular questions in a video instruction for the product. Come...

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2020-08-31 12:59:57

Atomium fuel additives from Russia - net savings

Russian manufacturer of innovative auto chemicals, known on the world market under the Atomium brand,...

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2020-07-03 15:23:20

Get additives in Alza's pick up point a.s. is an e-commerce store operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia (, and since...

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2020-03-10 15:14:43

Buy Atomium additives at Amazon

We continuously looking for improving our services and provide our clients as many options to...

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2019-11-18 17:46:06

Atomium MAX series live test on DAF truck. November 2019, Germany, special garage.

Atomium MAX series, product range for the trucks, busses, and light commercial vehicles was tested...

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