"ATOMIUM" comments and customer reviews

I use engine flushing before every oil change. I removed the valve cover, (adjusted the valves) the neighbors in the garage were surprised - not the slightest deposits as if I took the engine out of the package yesterday.

Owner: Roux
City: Lyon
Country: France
Transport:  Renault Megane 1.5
Year: 2013
Mileage: 152 000

Bought SGA on December, 20. First, used 2 bottles 2 times. The first tank city-highway nothing happened, after the second tank, on the route about 260 km in one direction, the consumption on the highway was 12 L/100km. i.e. more than half a tank in one direction (tank 55L, filled up around 30L).  The next time I was on the same route (after around a month, used 3 more bottles), the total mileage was also 260-270 km, the consumption fell up to 8L/100km. Ie, it took less than half a tank, fueled up around 20L. Now to keep the effect I use it from time to time. I really liked it, I think the next time when changing the oil, will use a cleaning flush.

Owner: Stephen
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Transport: Mazda Axela
Year: 2013
Mileage: 113000

Hello, I am very pleased with the additives, I liked the result. I really didn't expect it. Keep innovating for keeping the cars running.

Owner: Sergio
City: Tallinn
Country: Estonia
Transport: Suzuki Grand Vitara
Year: 2007
Mileage: 235000

When starting on cold, even at -15, the motor begin run smoother. And quieter. 

Owner: Erik
Transport: Honda, Accord
Year: 2000
Mileage: 430 000

Это прорсто бомба!!! Блин советская акпп давала такие пинки при переключениях с 1 на 2 что все пассажиры падали со своих стульев и стекали в конец автобуса. Да это вам не пинки на каких нибуть ваших маздах, тут пинок дак пинок. Короче после заливки этой присадки все стало просто супер переключений передач просто савсем не возможэно отследить, будто поливаешь на безступенчатом вариаторе.

This is a great additive!! Automatic transmission, which was made in USSR, had some issues with switching from 1 to 2 gear, everybody in this bus was feeling strong kicks. These are not the transmission kicks like in Mazda or so, Soviet gearbox kicks very strongly. So after applying this additive, everything turned out great, switches are so smooth, that you can barely feel it, like on the CVT 

Owner: Тигран
Transport: ЛиАЗ-677
Year: 1986
Mileage: 1025648

Good day! I added to the almost dead engine on Volvo truck, there is definitely an effect, and there is also an economic effect. After 370k km I went through the engine myself, I will note that when washing the engine I was very exhausted, everything is covered with a film that is very difficult to clean and, purely subjectively, this film is very slippery to the touch. Guess this is the best proof of atomium work. I do not agitate or convince anyone, but I will still process the engine.

Owner: Donovan

Used SGA.Detonation decreased.Product is good but expencive and must add every time with fuel.Well the result is worth it i guess

Owner: Bjorn
Transport: Chevrolet Cruze
Year: 2010
Mileage: 182000

An excellent option for cleaning the injectors without removing, Result of 100 percent As told in the instructions after 800-1000 km, the result appeared. Reducing fuel consumption and increasing the power of the car. By the way, the  engine - 1.6 gasoline. Before using the additive had increased fuel consumption and loss of traction.

Owner: Sayid
City: Batumi
Country: Georgia
Transport: Ford Fiesta mk5
Year: 2008
Mileage: 90000

I got a lot of sda as a present so I use it every fuelling. Engine began to work more quietly. Increased power. In the future, I think I will buy it more are continue use it. This is a good product, recommend it to everyone!

Owner: Anna
City: Haifa
Country: Israel
Transport: Renault Fluence
Year: 2014
Mileage: 150000

a very good thing. per 100 km Mitsubishi has burned up to 300 grams of oil. after using active plus on 3 time I  traveled 200 km, the results: oil is on 100% max, the thrust has increased. unfortunately, the car still smokes, but I think it may be because of winter

Owner: Gaetano
City: Pedara
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Mileage: 160900

I used additive for manual transmission. The switch became softer, but it may be because of new oil, not sure... I will feel the improvement or it will go down like from new oil?

Hello, Alexander!

Our Atomium MSGB additive does help to switch gears smoother and softer. This is due to the restoration of gear teeth surfaces. 

Have no dought! You've got this effect from an additive and it will not fade away.

Owner: Alexander
Transport: manual gearbox

Just want to share my experience with Atomium, I heart about Suprotec in Russia and was looking to buy it for me in Ireland, found Suprotec in Europe – Atomium. And ordered from Czech Republic Active Plus Diesel. I did 3 steps of treatment as recommended for old cars with mileage > 50.000 km. My S-Max that time was 150.000 km of mileage. Want to say, that after 400 miles with 2nd step – my car really became better, it was no oil burning, but engine was quite noisy, and I was afraid with the future of my car. After 2nd bottle (new oil) - engine starts working smoothly and what is important – fuel consumption really reduced from 11 l to 9,8 for 100 km. didn’t check compression before and after, but by gas pedal I see, that my car become much more more responsive. Thank you ))

Owner: Alastar
City: Waterford
Country: Ireland
Transport: Ford S-MAX
Year: 2007
Mileage: 210.000

it is a fine product. machine work soft and no noise. more stable and fast at accelerate . gasoline is lowwer little

Owner: Harold
City: Bergen
Country: Norway
Year: 2002
Mileage: 198000kilometer

It works, easy then flush with special oil ten times! oil turned black after 200klm after filling, means it most likely worked!

Owner: Radoslav
City: Katowice
Country: Poland

Transfer case started whining. I have changed the oil, filled it with an additive, after 400 km the howl became significantly less, after 700 it disappeared almost, barely audible when slowing down. Great work, Atomium!

Owner: Luca
City: Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands

I ve done about 160 km., oil became very dark, it is likely that this engine flush really works. Disadvantages: after shippment was it was like damaged a bit, but the integrity was not affected.

Owner: Petr Lutter
City: Uhersky Brod
Country: Czech Republic
Transport: Skoda Fabia
Year: 2008
Mileage: 134000

Everything that thay claim in description is true. Engine performance improved: it works quieter, stoped shaking at idle. Used both fuel and oil additives too.

Owner: Marcin
City: Sieradz
Country: Poland
Transport: Renault Laguna
Year: 2011 y
Mileage: 196.000

Bought for Mitsubishi Galant 9, mileage 197,000 km. Сhanged transmission oil every 60,000 . At the moment, gearbox was work well, but there are small bumps when switching to reverse gear and when switching from 2 to 3 gear. use additive for the first time in my life, so itwas very interesting to see the effect. So, I add this additive according to the instructions in the already warmed-up car (first I took a clean stick, scraped and stirred the sediment from the bottom, and only then shook the jar well). Filled before a trip of 150 km long, and the other day 150 km. back. With a pure heart, I declare that the effect exists. it appeared when I was driving back. The kick when switching to reverse disappeared forever, even when it was cold. Kick when switching from 2 to 3 gear a little still feel cold, but as the car warms up disappears completely! And so, nothing else has changed in the behavior of the car, the consumption is the same, the dynamics seem to be the same, only now I watch with pleasure as it switches from 2 to 3 gear . As a result, I can say that the additive met expectations, I am satisfied:)

Owner: Sergiy

Delivered quickly. Used for a saw. As a result, I don't know. Still sawing. 

Owner: Tyler

Bin zufrieden, alles top.Habe schon 2 Mal gekauft. Meine Meinung nach, Automatikgetriebe funktioniert danach weicher, Aufschlag beim Schalten seltener geworden.
I'm satisfied, everything top. Have already bought 2 Times. In my opinion, automatic transmission works softer after that, impact when shifting becomes less frequent.

Owner: Gagarin Mac