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7 August, 2015

Country: United Kingdom

Hi I got Mercedes e220 cdi 79000km and I'm doing service always in Mercedes they using their oil If I buy additive from you it will be effective to you with that oil? If yes which I should by additive for my car ? Thanks

3 July, 2015

Country: Slovakia

Good afternoon. I have Ford Fusion, 2007, mileage 162 000, I got confused in your production please help me to get information what I have to do with my engine and what additives is better to use? I have the second question – is it necessary to fill in atomium when replacing oil or not? How can I order your products through your site?

29 June, 2015

Country: United Kingdom

Hello i want ask about order,i try buy your product Active diesel plus but when i doit checkout write me country not supported.Thanks.

19 June, 2015

Country: Denmark

Good afternoon!!! I’m interested in what it is possible to fill in in boxes - AGSB at Toyta Camry mileage over 60 000 and MGSB at Wolksvagen Golf – run over 110 000. I have already filled in the engines - effect is real fine !!!!!!!!!! Everything was restored to a conditions of a new engine !!!!

18 June, 2015

Country: Italy

Hello, I've got 4 years Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Turbo and i have problemes with compression and some oil waste. What i have to use ? and how to apply ?

9 March, 2015

Country: Ireland

Hi there&#33; Just wondering can Atomium ACTIVE Gasoline + be used on the petrol engine? And is it the same with Супротек АКТИВ-Бензин + that you advertise on your Russian web site?? Thx.

26 November, 2014

Country: UAE

Hello,what is the contain of the ACTIVE PLUSE is it revitalizant or metal conditioner? and what the defferent between this and XADO ONE STAGE THANKS.

7 November, 2014

Country: UK

Hello there, I live in london and was trying to get a set of atomium active diesel + , but i can't find it in UK. can you please assist me to buy it. I speak russian if its helps to you.

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